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An innovative Mizar platform is launching MZR token soon

Mizar is an innovative next-generation trading platform. It enables traders to search for strategies to securely allocate capital or get access to a wide range of trading tools. As a result, investors can put their assets in motion and profit handsomely. This platform makes trading more straightforward and accessible to every user worldwide.

Mizar founders have been trading in several markets for large institutions or in a personal capacity. Thus, they know from first-hand experience how advanced trading tools can reduce risk and increase profitability. The company’s mission is to deliver advanced yet simple-to-use trading tools and make sure they are accessible to everyone. Furthermore, Mizar wants to offer a fair and proportional business model. It will become a bridge between Cefi to Defi trading.

The team plans to launch its native utility token MZR in April. This BEP-20 ICO token is already trending. Its price will be 0.0015 USD per MZR. The company aims to raise 100,000,000 with the sale. The total supply of tokens is 10,000,000,000, but only some percentage will be available during the initial coin offering.

Thanks to Mizar, users will be able to develop a different kinds of bots. They won’t need to use coding or smart trading tools to place and manage orders on different exchanges. Moreover, customers can easily share their strategies and portfolios with the community. All members will have a chance to get rewards based on their actual performance. They can copy trade the top-performing traders in the marketplace, as well.

What other services does this platform offer? 

The platform offers a subscription-free service, where customers won’t have to pay any fixed fee. Traders will be able to automate their Decentralized and Centralized trading strategies and finally leave their screens behind. However, users still pay fees based on traded volumes or performance when copy-trading.

Mizar offers an excellent marketplace where investors and traders can come together to invest in the best-performing trading strategies. Traders will be able to publish their trading strategies and share them with other investors. They will earn a passive income based on their monthly performance.

Meanwhile, investors can study trading strategies published by traders. They can invest their capital into one single or multiple strategies. Thanks to this platform, investors will be able to compare multiple strategies with each other based on live performance, trader fee, trader’s reputation, as well as other key performance indicators. The company offers traders of all levels professional trading tools to put their digital currencies in motion and automate their trades.

According to the team, traders can develop simple and advanced bots, or use preprogrammed bots, to trade multiple pairs on multiple exchanges at the same time. It also developed a safe, low-latency, and secure infrastructure to let users focus on their main needs: trade, maximizing profits, and minimizing risks.

Despite constantly developing modern technologies, trading cryptos is difficult, and instead of getting easier, it’s getting harder by the day. In fact, the crypto market contains far greater risk than other markets. Unlike traditional assets, cryptocurrency trading is 24/7. It’s time-consuming and requires advanced tech and financial know-how.

How does Mizar make trading easier for crypto investors? 

With Mizar, customers can develop their own bots. The latter will help them to overcome emotions and generate profits from cryptos in any market condition. Using the company’s automated bots for both centralized and decentralized exchanges also means time away from the screen. It allows investors to focus on the other important things in life.

Besides, by utilizing BotLabs, users do not have to be expert traders. The company developed a user-friendly interface where everyone can develop or use bots simply with a couple of clicks of a mouse. They can also use an unlimited number of indicators to automate trades.

Mizar is also using TradingLabs to simplify trading. Thanks to this technology, traders of all levels will be able to optimize their manual trading activities by doing it from one single place, on multiple markets and exchanges. They can even get support from automation by setting predefined rules such as stop losses or take profits to close a position whenever the target price is reached. That, along with the company’s BotLabs bots, provides unparalleled automation of trading. Thus, customers can analyze their portfolios or execute trades without ever having to change a tab.

What is Legendary Paw, and what does it offer? 

Legendary Paw is an interesting project. It aims to offer depositors the possibility to invest in the future. The team created the platform’s native token, PAW, to achieve that goal. It offers users 100% transparency. Besides, the company will reward investors with a percentage of the profits coming from the launched projects.

Seven financial world-changing projects will back PAW token. The PAW project and all the coin holders will win based on the financial data: sales, yield, profits, etc. The company’s marketing tax ensures a continuous stream of new investors, as well as necessary funding for the ongoing development of the Legendary Paw ecosystem.

The team launched the PAW token’s ICO sale on March 24, 2022. It will end on April 24, 2022, though. The token price is 2 USD per PAW, but it will increase after the sale ends. The platform accepts ETH, BTC, BNB, and USDT for exchange. The total supply of tokens is 42000000. PAW is a BSC token.

Legendary Paw’s goal is to launch worldwide projects and hold a substantial part of market segments. It also has many advantages over the rest of the competition. Most importantly, it offers solutions to existing problems in the Defi market. Thanks to a series of projects, this company will produce a constant cash flow in the market cap of the coin. And its new technology will become a direct competitor to Blockchain. The team has a well-thought-out marketing plan, partners, and growth history. The team wants this coin to offer financial data on all the projects behind it.

LEGENDARY PAW will combine the power of reasonable sell and buy taxes for the BSC space. Having portions of each transaction added to liquidity will ensure less price volatility.




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