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Barstool Sports NFT: Overview

Nowadays, celebrities, artists, music, tech, fashion, and sports brands are creating, selling, and buying ‘tokens.’ In the NFT world, some weird ones have slipped through the cracks.

Here we focus on one of the strangest NFTs, which certainly rely on the readiness of trendy people to invest in this kind of digital asset. We give an overview of Barstool Sports NFT created by David Portnoy.

Who is David Portnoy?

David Portnoy is an internet entrepreneur and sports media personality from the United States with a net worth of $120 million. Portnoy made his fortune as the Barstool Sports founder.

In 2016, Portnoy sold a majority of shares to Groupe Chernin. Penn Gaming paid $162 million to the founder for a 36% stake in the digital sports company in January 2020.

David Portnoy has amassed a fortune of $120 million during his career.

Portnoy is a well-known American sports media personality and online entrepreneur. After earning a degree in education, Portnoy worked in IT market research before starting his own company, Barstool Sports.

David started Barstool, a print weekly for the Boston metro area, in 2003. The publication had everything a sports fan could want, from sports predictions to gaming ads, news, or fantasy picks. Portnoy knew what his clients needed.

Portnoy rebranded himself as “El Presidente” or “Stool Presidente” on his social media due to his growing popularity as CEO of Barstool Sports.

 What’s Barstool NFT – Dave Portnoy NFT


Who would have thought that! Thanks to NFT, you can also sell… souls. This is a piece of advertising by David Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sport, a very popular online sports magazine in the USA.

A name that has become known in the last years also in the cryptocurrency circuit, thanks to the intervention in the sale of Bitcoin by Tesla, accusing Elon Musk of playing dirty.

Dave Portnoy is no stranger to such brilliant self-marketing campaigns, and today he’s cashing in on NFT’s huge popularity, symbolically putting his soul up for sale with some added candy.

“A piece of history…and a piece of my soul”. This is the message definitely exaggerated that Portnoy spread via his Twitter account.

“We have our first Dave Portnoy NFT for sale. It is a unique edition, and whoever wins the token will have a chance to get it for free. There will be a bet, and if he wins it, he will get his money back. If you wish to own a piece of history – and a piece of my soul – this is your chance.”

The NFT represents one of the blogger’s most popular videos: the bite of pizza review animated by the passage of a guy with no arms, in one of the weirdest NFTs.The world of NFT is also opening up to pranks of this type.

As of this writing, the auction is approaching $15,000, and those who wish to participate can do so through OpenSea, one of the most popular NFT trading platforms in the world. The auction uses WETH as its base currency, a wrapped Ethereum, a representation of ETH tokens, which are then the basis of any OpenSea operation.

Portnoy has already burned himself with cryptocurrencies.

The popular internet entrepreneur had bought large sums of Bitcoin some time ago and then sold them during a cryptocurrency downturn. To this day, he would still be the owner of 1 BTC, redeemed later. Also emblematic of what was reported in the tweet aimed at Elon Musk:

“Bitcoin is exactly what we thought it was. Don’t be the last to hodler the bag.” Portnoy said.

That is the typical slang of the cryptocurrency world means, almost literally, staying with the game.

Barstool Sports NFT Overview


NFTs featured on the website are


Collection Pardon my take.

Pissdogs video worth 3.7 ETH LAST SALE ON 6/7/22 released December 26, 2016, THE MARK SCHLERETH EXIT INTERVIEW: FIRST APPEARANCE OF PISSDAWGS.


Milk Mile LAST SALE ON 12/7/21 at a price of 2.8 ETH

Larry’s picks LAST SALE ON 6/21/22 at the price of 3.5 ETH.

This offer concerns the nonfungible token the Barstool Sports, called Pardon my take collection. It’s not the offer to license and sell intellectual property rights in Pardon my take collection itself. Barstool Sports will allow the NFT owner a free license to use, display and copy the collection only for non-commercial use.

This license doesn’t include the right to alter a collection or use it to market, sell or advertise products or services. Also, the license doesn’t allow you to incorporate the Barstool Sports NFT collection in any kind of media.

If the Barstool Sports NFT is sold, the license will be transferred to the new owner.

Barstool Sports NFT FAQ

Barstool NFT represents a website from Barstool Sports focusing on NFTs. The website displays live auctions for fans to place their bids to own Barstool Sports digital moments and experiences. Each NFT is an entirely unique digital memorabilia minted on the Ethereum blockchain. These are one-of-a-kind collectible items that will never be sold again. Place the bid, and you will be the only person owning this piece of Barstool Sports history.

Where can you buy Barstool Sports NFT?

You can buy it on, the most trusted and the largest peer-to-peer NFT marketplace for scarce digital items and NFT collectibles. OpenSea enables you to purchase, trade, sell and display your own NFT.

How to get started placing bids?

Joining the OpenSea community and placing your bids is a quick process. Visit, and select Place a Bid. It will automatically redirect you to the website If you want to get started, you need to create an OpenSea Account and digital wallet. Once you install a digital wallet such as Meta Mask, you can connect your wallet, set up your profile, fund the account and make your offers.

How does the NFT auction work?

All Barstool NFTs are sold on an auction basis. If you want to bid for Barstool NFT, you ought to pay using ETH. The Barstool NFT auction doesn’t accept transactions from credit cards directly. Once the auction is finished, the winning bid will instantly receive their Barstool Sports NFT in their digital wallet. If your bid is not winning, your funds will be paid back to your digital wallet.

Can you cancel your bid for Barstool Sports NFT?

No, you can’t. Once you make your offer, the bided amount will be locked until the end of the NFT auction. If you don’t have the winning bid on the auction, your funds will be returned to you automatically.

How can you buy Ethereum (ETH)?

You can deposit or buy Ether ahead of time directly from your digital wallet. The Metamask Wallet lets you securely purchase or transfer Ether directly into your MetaMask account. When making an offer, you can also purchase Ether directly on the OpenSea platform with a credit card and deposit it directly to your MetaMask wallet.

Can you resell a Barstool NFT?


Yes, you can. Once you have acquired your digital asset, you can resell it right away on any NFT marketplace.

Tips for winning NFT auctions and drops

Here are several useful tips regarding best practices when preparing for an upcoming NFT auction. To avoid access problems, we advise you to create an OpenSea trading account and fund your wallet with prepaid Etherium in advance of the auction or a drop. Make sure to enter your email within your OpenSea account, so you get a notification once an item you made a bid for modifies in price.

How do you contact support?

For most inquiries and questions, we recommend you to contact the Barstool Sports NFT website by email at

What does one get when buying an NFT?

Since a nonfungible token can uniquely have one holder at a time, while you purchase an NFT, you are purchasing ownership of your digital asset. That doesn’t mean that you have full rights over who can share or see your work.

Take as an example the most costly nonfungible token to date. It’s the work Everyday: The First 5000 Days created by an American artist – Beeple. It represents a digital collage composed of 5,000 pieces. And the owner of this token is Vignesh Sundaresan, founder of Metapurse and BitAccess, the bitcoin distributor network.

Although Mr. Sundaresan stands for the official owner of this non-fungible token, this image was reproduced, shared, and seen by millions of people all over the world without any compensation. Purchasing a nonfungible token is like purchasing a signed work. The autograph of the non-fungible token is addressed to you. However, anyone can view the work.

Practically, it’s feasible that any media become an NFT. Since the creation of the first NFTs, we could see tweets, works of art, GIFs, music, video games, and so on.




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