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General Information & First Impressions

The well-known online trading platform BDOmarkets was founded in 2022 and provides a wide range of assets, including forex and Fixed Time Trades, a scarce trading option at forex brokers. The fact is that a feature was added to the BDOmarkets trading platform that enables you to switch between the Fixed Time Trades and Forex trading modes. Therefore, you can trade forex while using a broker, and you don’t have to give up your preferred and accustomed platform BDOmarkets.

As we previously indicated, the website has undergone a revamp and relaunch to showcase all of the new products. A new page for each of the goods can be reached from the main homepage. When we look at CFDs, clicking on the CFD area of the webpage takes us to a special CFD website. You will find all the necessary information here about the available assets, account kinds, spreads, and other topics.

A trading bonus is among the most well-liked broker services on the market, along with profitable trading terms and conditions. Such promos make a platform even more appealing and persuade more traders to use a specific broker. Our evaluation of the Forex broker demonstrates the presence of promotional bonuses there. Visit the Bonus Policy page available on the broker’s website to learn more about it.

Fund and Account Security

The broker itself seems trustworthy and legitimate, and it is clear that they desire to grow and build the business internationally as well. The popularity of the BDOmarkets website and online trading platform is currently at its highest point worldwide.

You must be aware that every forex trader is required to be regulated in order to protect your money and identity. There are lots of scammers and hackers out there who want to con you or take your money. There won’t be any forex scams thanks to well-known, reputable, and legally authorized traders. The regulators monitor your trader and will put a halt to any unwelcome scams. If you come across such fraudulent activities, you can seek legal advice and resolve the issue. The regulating body investigates these situations to make sure all clients are secure and takes appropriate action against those who cause trouble.

BDOmarkets broker is in compliance with regulatory bodies. This is why it doesn’t offer its services to some of the countries in the world. Residents of the United States, Cuba, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Iran, and Syria are not permitted to trade on BDOmarkets, and it reserves the right to reject traders from other questionable jurisdictions as well.

Making a deposit and starting to trade are two of the first things you should do after opening a retail account. Your broker must offer a variety of alternative financial platforms with advantageous terms for deposit and withdrawal methods. The following payment options were discovered when doing our evaluation of the BDOmarkets Forex broker: Mastercard and Maestro credit cards. The broker’s website also offers wire transfers as an alternative. The variety of available payment options guarantees that everyone may find their own platform without having to engage in onerous cross-transactions.

Registration at

BDOmarkets website is very secure when it comes to the registration process as well. There is a two-factor authentication system in place to keep your chosen account safe and sound. Additionally, the website is built with the newest SSL software which is also great protection against personal data theft. The best thing you can do is follow the protocols provided by the broker themselves.

The singing-up process can be as quick and easy as the trader chooses. The broker makes the registration process a very swift process. You can open a fully functional retail account at BDOmarkets in just a few simple steps:

Fill in the trader’s personal information in the blanks (full name, email address, date of birth)
Verify that data by submitting your documents.
Fund the appropriate account using one of the many available payment methods.

And there you have it: a fully functional account with first-rate trading features. Four different account kinds are available from this forex broker. The basic, silver, gold, or platinum accounts are available. For a Basic account, the broker requires a $250 minimum deposit. The minimum deposits for Silver and Gold accounts are $10,000 and $25,000, respectively. For the accounts, the leverage varies as well. The high-end account categories are eligible for the maximum leverage, which is up to 1:400. The basic account offers floating leverage up to 1:100, up to 1:200 for silver, up to 1:300 for gold, and up to 1:400 for platinum. The accounts come with a variety of features, including market reviews, private analyst sessions, webinar access, trading signals, and much more.

BDOmarkets’ Trading Platform

You don’t have to download and install WebTrader, which is how it differs from other trading platforms. You may trade straight in your browser, in other words. Additionally, the program will not need to download while you wait. What your device’s specifications are won’t matter to you. Additionally, the software won’t use up any memory on it.

Mobility, accessibility, the ability to work from any operating system and browser, and a user-friendly interface are all benefits of WebTrader. In comparison to MT4, it is simpler. PCs, laptops, tablets, cellphones, and other mobile devices can all be used for trading. All you require is consistent Internet access. All of these benefits might be felt extremely strongly, for instance, if you are using a phone. Or, for instance, if you have limited memory on your smartphone and don’t want to use any more of it.

There are numerous benefits for traders using the WebTrader trading platform. Customers can access the market directly via a straightforward webpage. Installation is not necessary. WebTrader is currently available for use in your browser. No additional equipment is required. There is a specific page on the website for The WebTrader, which launches in a matter of seconds. Additionally, each time you connect, safe trading is guaranteed. The software is also constantly being updated and enhanced.

Trading Products

We discovered that you’re getting a fairly remarkable set of trading terms and conditions during our investigation for BDOmarkets. First and foremost, the instruments that are accessible: the review that follows indicates that there are more than 200 financial assets from which to choose. They also come in a variety of asset groups, including commodities, stocks, indices, currency pairs, and digital currencies. Trading in a variety of products increases financial security, which is why having access to a wide range of instruments is crucial. Portfolio diversification is a risk management tactic that suggests trading non-correlated items will protect your portfolio from total devastation during market crises: while certain assets do take a blow, you’ll still have others in the portfolio that preserve their worth.

BDOmarkets review: Conclusion

One of the few brokers that actively participate in social media and make use of these platforms to educate traders is BDOmarkets. The broker has the advantage of offering both FX and FTT, allowing traders to select the one that best meets their needs and gives them the most comfort.

With BDOmarkets, you can be sure that you are receiving precisely what you paid for. It is highly important that trader receives all the information and help he or she can get. In this regard BDOmarkets tries its best and is following the industry standards.The evaluation that follows demonstrates the three methods you can contact the customer support team.

send an email to
Phone: +61283176278 ; +442080895446
Support for a live chat on the website

It’s crucial to remember that the support staff will always respond to you promptly and with helpful information, regardless of the method you select. Our group tried it out firsthand and wholeheartedly concurs with this evaluation.

This broker makes a great first impression and, thankfully, does not let us down. The broker provides the traders with high-quality services. There isn’t any indication of the BDOmarkets scam among the broker’s services and products. The broker is open and gives thorough, in-depth information on services. Beginner, low-budget, experienced, or professional traders can all find BDOmarkets to be an intriguing platform to check out because it offers various services for various customers’ kinds while taking into account their preferences and aims. We assume that the broker is reputable and legitimate based on the review.

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