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Best Sport NFT Drops That You Should be Aware Of

NFTs are making a remarkable entrance into the world of sport. If they are not yet the object of all desires, clubs, and rights holders are increasingly interested in these digital tokens, which represent an alternative source of income and a new means of engaging communities.

See and think further, bigger. In this globalized society, the world of sport, more than ever in competition with other entertainment industries, is obsessed with a mission: to challenge itself to engage communities, again and again, if possible, by creating economic value. In this article, we focus on the upcoming sports NFT drops. But before we tackle the subject of best upcoming NFT in sport, let’s see what Non-fungible tokens actually are.

What Non-fungible tokens actually are

One news chasing another, sports players must constantly keep up to date. Latest fad: Non Fungible Tokens. NFT for intimates is nothing but an asset that has unique properties in the form of a digital token.

If this acronym with technocratic appearances has aroused so much interest since the beginning of 2021, it is because it is based on notions of rarity and collection, which open up very wide scopes of exploitation and valuation for the actors.

It was under these circumstances that the NBA partnered with blockchain company Dapper Labs to dream up an online marketplace where fans can buy and sell video clips of professional basketball games.

Operational since the last quarter of 2020, this platform offers limited edition artwork and videos depicting memorable moments in American professional basketball.

After a few months of activity, the NBA’s NFT bet seems to have been won: more than 500 million dollars in turnover have already been generated by the sale of clips.

And as in all collectors’ markets, some goods are more prized than others. A video, which featured basketball superstar LeBron James performing a dunk on Kobe Bryant, soared to $387,000. Just that!

The rise of sports NFTdrops


The major players have armed themselves with a 2.0 fortress, compartmentalized into a slew of social networks through which tens or even hundreds of millions of fans interact. However, social media is only part of the iceberg. Behind this ultra-visible side is a less and less obscure side: the blockchain and its tokens.

At the beginning of 2020, Juventus, Paris Saint Germain, Atlético de Madrid, Galatasaray, West Ham, AS Roma and FC Barcelona – to name but a few – embarked on this deregulated information storage and transmission technology with the objective of sublimating the club/fan relationship.

Specifically, by linking to the Chi Liz blockchain-based application, each of these entities created its own virtual currency to engage and reward any token owner.

Daring, the orientation remains no less subtle as it makes it possible to respond to a totally decompartmentalized fan base by concerning supporters from all over the world in the daily life of the club.

Now that we have revised some basics regarding sports nft drops history and NFT in general, let’s take a look at what are the best upcoming sports NFT drops in 2022.

The best upcoming sports NFT drops in 2022

Battle Infinity IBAT


The Battle Infinity crypto-gaming platform combines NFTs, P2E elements, and the metaverse, making it definitely one of the NFT projects to watch in 2022. The concept is revolutionary, and the possibilities in the game are endless.

In Battle Infinity, players must compose their own sports team and compete against other participants from all over the world. The result points can then be converted into tokens or other currencies. This uses the Battle Swap function.

It’s also worth remembering that all in-game assets, namely characters, and props, are converted to NFT with BEP721 smart contracts. The tokenization of assets thus makes it possible to make each element unique, to give them value, and above all, to give them a certain rarity.

Players can also access multiple NFT-based games and play through the Battle Games option. Via the Battle Market, they can buy or sell their characters but also all of their NFTs. Users, therefore, retain control of all their assets and can use their IBAT tokens to improve their team and trade their NFTs seamlessly.

In addition to the rewards obtained through the fights in the arenas and the various tasks, it is also possible to generate added value by simply holding the NFTs. Additionally, players hold full ownership of their assets.

We can therefore conclude that NFTs are at the center of the Battle Infinity ecosystem. And for those who doubt the level of reliability of the crypto project, you should know that it has benefited from an audit by Solid Proof and verification by CoinSniper. Note that IBAT tokens were available for presale at this address for only $0.0015. Since the presale was a huge success, we will now have to wait for the planned listing on PancakeSwap to obtain IBATs.



Silk represents a metaverse game, and features a virtual place where players can experience the excitement of owning racehorses. Fans can trade, buy, and communicate with in-game NFTs, including Silks Avatars, Horses, Avatars, Stables and Land. Moreover, players can gain tokens just by showing gaming skills. The uniqueness of the game is that horses from the game are linked to real-world race horses.

Every time the racehorses win a race and create offspring in the real world, the holder of the corresponding horse earns tokens. These tokens, $STT, are also Silks game transaction tokens. Players can use tokens to buy in-game items, including stables, avatars, land, and horses. The governance $SLK is accessible within the Silks metaverse.



New crypto project on the market with the TAMA of Tamadoge. A project that relies on the nostalgia of Tamagotchis. The token will be available via presale at a unit price of $0.01.

The Tamadoge project represents a Play to Earn game inspired by Tamagotchis. The user takes care of a virtual animal, feed the animal, and sees its features progress over time.

At the heart of this ecosystem, we find the TAMA token, the currency of the game. It is thanks to this currency that players will be able to buy objects, feed their animals, or even customize various accessories.

Currently, over $32,100 has been raised during the presale phase.

LaLiga and Dapper Labs NFTs


Dapper LAbdos, the creator of NBA Top Shot, has teamed up with LaLiga to present their official Football NFT collectible highlights. Collectibles include iconic gaming moments transposed in NFTs.

The NFTs listed are based on favorite recorded moments from LaLiga matches over the past 20 seasons.

The main collectibles available are from popular LaLiga clubs. These are Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Villarreal CF, Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla FC, Athletic Club, Valencia CF, and many more.

An NFT Marketplace is dedicated for fans to buy, sell, and trade all listed collectibles. As a buyer, you can use MetaMask wallet or credit cards to buy NFTs.

The value of a particular NFT varies depending on its items’ demand and rarity. LaLiga players can buy the NFT collectables from the Flow blockchain, which enables players to verify and trace the authenticity and rarity of the listed digital collections.


Fanz is a blockchain-based football platform dedicated to fans. The platform aims to connect fan culture with blockchain.

The main aspect of Fanz is its groundbreaking Football in Web 3.0 concept. Platform users have a gateway to games, governance, and NFTs.

Fanz’s vision is to transform the next generation of football fans from customers into owners. Players connect their digital wallets with the platform to receive, send, and store ERC20 tokens.

“Motty Collection” listed in the Fanz NFT collection is the most prominent in the NFT list. The collection features BBC football commentator John Motson.

Fanz Fantasy5 represents an NFT game involving free play within the Premier League. Players are rewarded with NFTs depending on their game results.

Some of the most famous NFT drops in 2021

Source: prnewswire.comNBA Top Shot: collectibles for basketball fans

Those who have ever been interested in metaverse projects in sports, they already know about the NFT NBA Top Shot project. It will soon be two years since this major professional league in American sports bet on digital video trading cards called NBA Top Shots – NFTs in the form of video footage showing an important moment in the history of American basketball.

F1 Delta Time: a P2E video game for Formula 1 fans

Officially licensed, F1 Delta Time is a Formula 1 video game launched in 2020 and has been a hit ever since. With stunning visuals, it features stunning gameplay like classic console and PC racing games with teams and players competing against each other. On F1 Delta Time, winners get REVV tokens, the game’s official cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain with a real-money equivalent. At some point, the market capitalization of this token exceeded $1 billion.

eSports also benefit from non-fungible tokens

Electronic sports have been popular for several years now, and today there are official eSport leagues allowing you to become a professional. As a reminder, e-sport consists of practicing a video game alone or in a team via computer or game console, whether on LAN or on the Internet. It is entertainment coupled with technical and technological prowess and mobilizes different fields.




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