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Civitas introduced smoking hot CITI token. What about ANIM?

Civitas introduced the smoking hot CITI token. What about ANIM? 

More and more new games appear daily in the Defi space, promising exciting features and immersive gameplay. However, not all of them are worth your time. Still, choosing the right ones takes time, and we would like to make it easier for you. So, here we are, introducing Civitas, which is a community-driven city-building game. This game will definitely attract your attention if you like building or crafting.

Besides, it employs a play & earn model, which is a great advantage. This game introduces a truly exciting world. Every citizen (player) will have a plot of land. They will be able to customize it with unique structures and items they’ve crafted or acquired. Every structure placed on a gamer’s land will influence its statistics and ability to produce passive resources.  

Furthermore, users will need to work together within their city subDAO to accumulate power, construct more advanced buildings, and progress to new eras. There is a virtual “tower of influence” in each city center. Only citizens can access it. These towers provide players vital information regarding city performance, global diplomacy status, available quests, subDAO business, yield rates, and other information relevant to city progress and growth.

Gamers can access Civitas via PC and smartphone. However, entering the universe in augmented reality via phone allows users to discover CITI tokens and play mini-games. They will also find unique resources needed for crafting. And through the founder company’s real-world geolocation technology, players will be able to utilize the map view to locate these assets. In addition, they will participate in activities scattered around them in the real world.  


What about the PC version’s advantages? 

Using the game’s PC version also has its benefits. Players will interact with their land when playing on their computers. They will locate, collect, and craft items, as well as a post on city forums. They will also be able to access the city marketplace, all city tower features, and the world map view for a rich experience.

Regardless of client type (web browser or Unreal Engine 5), communication with backend servers and business logic occurs through a common REST API. Thus, users can access the game either through a mobile app (iOS, Android), a desktop application (Windows, macOS, Linux), or a browser.

The company also uses Unreal Engine 5. It provides unrivaled graphical fidelity. Moreover, while viewing the game through the Lite Client, users can stream from an Unreal Engine 5 client deployed on the Civitas’s servers into a browser with the press of a button. This provides the highest available fidelity, along with access to all of the games’ desktop features on any OS that supports modern browsers.

The team plans to launch the platform’s native token CITI in April. This toke is an ERC20, and it offers many advantages to its holders.


Are Civitas’ creators trustworthy? 

If you plan to invest money in this platform, that’s an important question. After all, tokens pose a very attractive opportunity for easy gains, but not all of them are worth sinking your hard-won savings. Directive Games developed Civitas. This studio was created in 2014 when a group of industry veterans came together from various AAA studios. During their career, they have contributed to building some of the most iconic franchises. They have lots of experience and a thirst for success.

Directive focuses on building online multiplayer games set in large persistent universes. Expansive and active communities support the latter. The studio is also a pioneer in Augmented Reality. It has already showcased its technology and AR games at various industry-leading events.

Over the last two years, the company has dedicated its R&D efforts to integrate the power of the blockchain with its existing tech stack. The team is convinced that this is the missing element in its long-standing vision that games are evolving into virtual environments that encompass a significant part of people’s digital lives. Even though Civitas is the team’s first AAA blockchain game, it already shows great potential.


Animalia is another eye-catching game. Here’s what it offers:  

Animalia is an online NFT trading card game. It’s also free-to-play and features crypto-inspired meme creatures and gemstones. The platform has its own native utility token, ANIM. Its ICO sale will start in April 2022. ANIM is a BEP-20 token. Its price will be 0.14 USD per coin during the initial coin offering. The total supply of tokens is 87,000,000. However, only some percentage will be available at the first stage. The company aims to raise 714,285 with the sale.

According to the team, Animalia is a fast turn-based strategy card game. Players will have to make choices and deal with consequences. Each match is a one versus one battle between two opponents. The gamers will take turns to play cards from their hand to equip mighty gemstones, cast powerful spells, or summon critters to do battle on their behalf.

Moreover, the company decided to ramp up things a bit and make them spicier. So, you can play the game not only with human players but also with an AI computer opponent. Over time, the team expects Animalia to have many variations of battle updates, like other games that have gone through different types of battle systems and multiple iterations.


What is the company’s goal? 

The Animalia team aims to enable millions of people from around the world to access the blockchain and participate in the play-to-earn revolution. This game is designed for the diverse gaming community. Thus, customers will be able to access it from regular platforms easily. As an independent free-to-play game, Animalia aims to infuse elements of NFT into a familiar trading card gaming genre.

As a result, the game will serve as an introduction to blockchain technology in a fun and engaging manner for players from all over the world. The users will collect rare cards, create their own unique NFTs, battle with players, build a custom deck, and sell cards to other collectors. Besides, the users can claim complete ownership of unique collectibles by anchoring in-game assets with BNB Chain-backed digital economies as NFTs. Overall, this game is very interesting and has an impressive array of features. In addition, its token is really hot.


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