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Cryptocurrency Network’s hot CCN token is already available

Cryptocurrency Network’s hot CCN token is already available

Cryptocurrency Network is an innovative platform that offers is hot native utility token CCN. This is the first 24-hour cryptocurrency news and analysis network worldwide. The founders believe that their platform will become popular soon. They launched the CCN token’s ICO on March 14, 2022. The sale will end on May 14, 2022. The price of 1 CCN is 0.0000000008 USD at this stage; however, it will increase over time. The total supply is 100,000,000,000,000,000, but only some percentage will be available for investors at first. The platform will accept ETH, BTC, USD, GBP, BNB, USDC, EUR, USDT, and AUD in exchange for its tokens.

Furthermore, the team announced that it would reward token holders. In the case of manual token burning, the company will distribute 10% of the total token burning as a reward among its long-term holders. It will automatically add this amount to the user’s assets. However, the main reward is to stake the CCN token, which has the highest profit among digital currencies. The team will share in the profit it has made through the launch of the project. It will give users 30% of their capital on the stake on an annual basis. And lastly, for every 100 million dollars created in Cryptocurrency Network’s cap token market, the company will divide $ 200,000 and pay to the 200 holders who held its currency for the longest time based on the amount held.

How does Cryptocurrency Network work? 

The CCN project is an institutional project. The team created it to make more and more people in the world interested in digital currencies and end the separation of activists and enthusiasts in the Defi field due to successive losses.

Moreover, the company plans to teach users the basics of making money from this market and new ways to increase capital and earn money. To achieve these goals, the team has considered programs that include: introducing the best ICO for investment, daily analysis of cryptocurrency markets by top experts, introducing top NFT for investment, future analysis of emerging memes by top experts, important news, and influential factors in the cryptocurrency market offered in every 2 hours, free training on analysis and trading in the digital currency market, and the most important – first 24-hour cryptocurrency news and analysis network around the globe.

The team launched CCN in March 2022. However, its members have studied and researched the idea of this project for two years, aiming to offer the best performance to users interested in cryptos and the future of this market. Unlike many Defi start-ups, CCN is not just a token. This project has several goals, even though the main one is to attract people around the world to digital currencies. The team plans to make these goals available on its application and website and on CCN TV.

Nowadays, the most significant reason for financial loss in a market is a lack of transparency in related industries. However, Cryptocurrency Network wants to provide as much transparency as possible. As a result, CCN will actively reflect the facts of digital currencies, showing them exactly as they are.

What other benefits does this platform offer? 

Cryptocurrency Network is the first project in the field of digital currencies which shares the profits of any crypto project with its own holders. The company plans to create a fairly stable and steady market with its CCN tokens. It also wants to avoid fictitious fluctuations that often cause the investors capital financial loss. The CCN algorithm will impose a limitation on sales in the first three months after launching the ICO. Furthermore, the team will burn the tokens mainly manually to preserve the value of the holders’ currencies. But it also designed a robot to prevent whales’ purchases from making considerable profits.

The company launched a news network to review the effective factors on the market at every moment. This platform will enable users to analyze cryptocurrency charts and study new projects based on Blockchain technology. Besides, the network will introduce customers to the principal methods of earning money through the Blockchain industry. Thus, they will be able to easily access a reliable source that will provide them with a financial, statistical analysis of news and the market as soon as possible. Such an approach makes the community much more interested and helps them regularly minimize their own financial loss.

CCN project offers lots of benefits. Among its main advantages are setting up a CCN token stake, creating CCN exclusive wallet and exchange with the lowest commission, running the largest NFT gallery for auction, installing an online token verification system that will assess and score the value and efficiency of tokens for all users, and establishing an app store presenting apps, or games.

What is Cryptocurrency Network’s short-term goal? 

The CCN team has been studying and researching both the opportunities and behavioral threats of cryptocurrency users for a long time. According to their behavioral pattern, the company has outlined the advertising plan. Over the next six months, it aims to increase the number of its token holders by + 100k, its Telegram members + by 150k, the market cap of tokens by +300M. The team is also working on adding its Twitter and Instagram followers.

Besides, this news network will soon be ready to professionally perform and live 24/7 with the greats of the crypto industry on online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. According to the content provided, Cryptocurrency Network will be one of the most popular online media.

The company also has its own application that will be active with several application tabs. Cryptocurrency Network’s R&D team will develop this application into a super app over time. In addition, both the application and website will provide digital currencies and crypto industry training completely free of charge for all users worldwide. The team wants to prepare the Metaverse space to educate people.

This project has a well-developed roadmap, and the CCN token has already attracted investors’ attention. It is high-ranked on various ICO listing platforms. Some analysts think that Cryptocurrency Network might achieve great success in the future.




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