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CYBERIUM’s hot ESPN will be available soon. Don’t miss it

CYBERIUM’s hot ESPN will be available soon. Don’t miss it


Defi market is soaring, with various companies or individuals adding their own Play-To-Earn games. The latter bring profit to both – their creators and users. However, it’s difficult to offer something new and truly engaging when other already snatched the best ideas. Currently, click-to-earn accounts for more than 90% of the Gamefi market. That means, it sorely needs innovation. That’s why the Cyberium team decided to offer users a better gaming experience on the blockchain.

Cyberium is the first of its kind project. It’s labelled as GameFi 2.0. The latter replaces the diminishing Play-To-Earn trend with the new and more user-focused Play-AND-Earn. This project focuses on actual gameplay and user experience, allowing gamers to earn an income while operating with an anti-inflationary, dual token economic model.

Besides, eSports has cultivated a huge following worldwide. Its integration into the current GameFi industry was inevitable. However, in this crossover, players who capitalize on refining their skills in the games will be the ones who will generate a solid income over a long period of time.

Cyberium is a Metaverse that unites 7 different cities. Each of these will host its own E-Sport game, allowing users to seamlessly switch from one game to another. They can do that by simply walking through the metaverse. The network is still under construction, though.

Thus far, the team has launched its first city Vortera and game – 8 Ball Pool. It has also created other cities and game concepts. The company plans to launch them step by step, thus, ensuring the continuation of the project into the foreseeable future.


What makes Cyberium unique? 

This network boasts premium graphics, as well as extensive gameplay control abilities. It also has a dual token, an anti-inflationary economy. Besides, the company provides fair gameplay: game progression depends solely on in-game skill.

The Cyberium team aims to bring to the Defi market a product that is unmatched in user experience and quality. It wants the network’s community to enjoy a truly unparalleled gaming experience on a blockchain. The company stated that it is the first one to market with this concept (GameFi 2.0 / “Play-AND-Earn”). Thus, it currently has no direct competitors running a simulation 8-ball pool game based on the blockchain.

Overall, Cyberium plans to become the premier E-Sports Metaverse on a blockchain. It will achieve that goal by incorporating multiple sports-based P2E games into one easy-to-use, engaging platform. The project’s mission is to create a new trend in the GameFi industry. It will create products and services that focus on providing a high-quality user experience, seamlessly integrating its products with blockchain technology and its future iterations.

The company also offers an $ESPN token. The team has built this BEP-20 utility token on the Binance Smart Chain. It serves as the basis for transactions within Cyberium. Furthermore, it has various other uses, including staking and governance. ESPN token holders will be able to stake their tokens for passive incomes or valuable items in Cyberium. ESPN also allows its holders to participate in Governance decisions.

Besides, champions will have to spend ESPN to acquire assets, avatars, equipment, lands, or upgrade their collections. In Cyberium, they will be able to earn ESPN by participating in P2E activities: Championships, Sports Tournaments, and Campaign Mode.


When will the token sale start? 

The team plans to launch the ESPN token’s ICO sale on July 31, 2022. And it will end on August 1, 2022. By staking $ESPN, users will be able to earn more tokens, reduced cooldown time for Gacha Box, Fragment Processors (to upgrade cues), reduced % penalty for early withdrawal of $BREAK tokens, and extra luck & earning effect when opening Gacha Box.

In addition, the company offers its second token $BREAK. By staking the latter, users will earn more $BREAK coins. According to the team, $BREAK is the in-game currency, created specifically for Pool Game. Champions will be able to earn these tokens through P2E activities, as well as rewards for winning games, and completing quests.


What about Centurion Invest and its token? 

Centurion Invest is a promising project that offers excellent liquidity, along with trading platforms mixed with secured investment plans. It aims to increase customers’ net worth and profits. The team registered CI under the Estonian Regulation in November 2021. It is a virtual asset management and exchange with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). In May 2022, the company acquired Token Issuance and Listing in Zug, Switzerland. The team aims to register in several other countries as well.

Moreover, Centurion Invest created its native utility token – CIX. The latter is an integral part of the CI Ecosystem, allowing its users to save money and access numerous benefits within both the CI Exchange and CI Wallet.

The company’s mission is to empower a new generation of crypto traders. It plans to facilitate access to innovation by educating investors on the most advanced investment tools, as well as dynamic techniques.

This trade-everything platform will empower both first-time investors and seasoned experts to invest in the cryptos they want, and with the preferred amount of money.

The team announced that it constantly re-evaluates what it means to invest by building simple, easy-to-use financial products for every user worldwide. This platform offers lower fees, along with 24/7 trading services, tools and analytics. In addition, it boasts real-time settlement processes spanning across the globe.


What is the project’s goal? 

The company wants to empower customers to shape their financial future on their terms and in the process, create economic freedom for every individual and all businesses. Besides, it aims to implement groundbreaking investment tools and instruments all into one platform, thus, bringing together the world of fiat with the power of cryptos.

The Centurion Invest platform will offer a full-service trading and exchange platform, that will enable users to gain while offering them in-depth learning, and extensive awareness, along with a deep method of advanced investment that taps into the future of digital.

The company plans to launch its native token’s ICO sale on July 31, 2022. It will end on November 1, 2022, though. The total supply of tokens is 2400000000, but only some percentage will be available at this stage. CIX token is already trending, but its value and popularity will likely increase over time.


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