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ELU and WZRD tokens are trending. Are they available now?

Legends of Elumia is a next-generation Play to Earn Massively Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG). An experienced team of 40 game developers created this platform. This game stands out among similar platforms thanks to its high-quality graphics. It features rich, fun gameplay that enables users to earn income directly through online play.

Furthermore, Elumia uses Solana to ensure a secure, fast, and decentralized digital asset ownership in a liquid and secure marketplace. Gamers can immerse themselves in various world zones and engage in multiplayer adventures, quests, and fierce player battles with in-game enemies, as well as against other real-time players.

Through the Elumia metaverse, users will have full ownership of their characters and equipment. They will also get multiple fun opportunities to earn by winning battles against other players. Users will have to complete dungeons and defeat the enemies in the world to get on higher levels in the game.

The company also created its own native token, $ELU, which is already trending. Holders of $ELU will have a say in the future direction of the game’s development.

Legends of Elumia boasts an experienced game development studio. Its members have a single focus – they aim to make innovative massively multiplayer online games. Formed in 2006 by a group of passionate gamers and longtime fans of the genre, the team initially started out with the goal of bringing PC-like MMORPGs to the nascent mobile gaming scene.

It launched its first game in 2011, and 10 years later, it has millions of downloads. Moreover, Legends of Elumia still tops many lists of best games for the genre.

What is the team working on currently? 

The company announced recently that its much-anticipated follow-up project in conjunction with a globally known fantasy IP is currently in soft launch on Android and iOS. It also features heavily on many publications’ lists of upcoming games to look forward to.

Legends of Elumia will become the company’s 4th MMORPG release, using its proprietary MMO platform developed by the team over a decade. Thanks to NFTs and tokenomics, this game will create an immersive fantasy experience for players, offering them assets that users can truly own, along with the ability to earn during play.

The team believes that play to earn will revitalize the MMORPG genre with innovative new gameplay and ownership mechanics. It aims to be at the forefront of this new wave of MMORPGs by leveraging its experience developing successful MMORPG games.

Legends of Elumia’s mission is to create an accessible and engaging gateway to NFT games for the broader mainstream market. It will offer the gaming community fun while simultaneously rewarding gameplay with earning and ownership opportunities.

What advantages does this platform offer? 

In this game, players will level up and upgrade their characters and equipment. They can also gain rare items, socialize with others, team up to defeat powerful enemies or battle other player teams. Along with a variety of challenging play areas, the game will contain a vibrant city where players can interact and socialize. They can even create their own thriving virtual economies and communities, thus, incentivizing frequent activity and creating long-lasting bonds.

Moreover, it’s a well-known fact that players of high involvement genres such as MMORPGs have often longed for a direct stake in the future of their games. Using a fusion of DEFI and play-to-earn mechanisms, gamers now have voting powers over the future of game development. Legends of Elumia offers additional benefits, including DEFI-inspired staking rewards and in-game benefits and reward systems.

Defi users’ appetite for NFT based projects in the gaming space is rising rapidly, ushering in a new generation of games. Unlike in traditional games, players of the Legends of Elumia can now truly own their in-game characters, equipment, pets, mounts, and buildings. They are also free to upgrade and trade their assets to others, as well as earn new ones through play.

This platform will be easy to use, even for beginner players

Thanks to its experience of creating games on mobile platforms, the team managed to simplify the onboarding process for new players. As a result, it created a more fluid gateway for newcomers to crypto gaming. Fewer barriers to entry mean that even amateur users can easily enter this new space. The company’s ability to optimize for PC and a variety of mobile devices ensures that there are more supported devices and a larger potential player base.

The team also intends to introduce a DAO governance model. The latter will allow players to make proposals and participate in decision-making on the future of the game and new features, events, zones, and mechanics. The company will also launch its native token ELU soon. 10,000,000 ELU will be available for purchase for the price of $0.050000 during the initial coin offering. That is 1% of the total supply. The team’s fundraising goal is $500,000.

What is Wizardia, and what does it offer? 

Wizardia is an AAA-quality Play-to-Earn online game with RPG elements. The team has built this game on three core gameplay pillars: player-decision-driven game evolution, innovative turn-based combat, and upgrade-based character progression.

This platform will reward those who contribute to the game’s metaverse and its real-valued economy system. So, there will be no one-way investments. Furthermore, the company is planning to launch its native token on March 17, 2022. The sale will end on March 19, 2022. It will sell 1,666,667 WZRD at the first stage for the price of $0.120000. The team aims to raise $200,000 with the sale.

According to the company, multiple pathways will allow players and investors to succeed in the Wizardia economy. This platform will offer valuable tokens and NFTs, which are tradable in-game as well as in external exchanges. Besides, the team will make available a free-to-play option so players can learn the basics of the game. Wizardia’s future developments will even include an in-depth Scholarship system for P2E guilds. Solana powers the WZRD token. This utility coin also acts as an in-game currency.




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