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GAMEIN token will be available soon. What about CFLU?

GameInfinitity is a relatively new Blockchain gaming metaverse, but it has already attracted investors’ attention. This platform will host and deploy single-player and Multiplayer games. It includes a games store, allowing users to download and play games. There is also a gaming collectible NFT marketplace integrated with games.

The project’s mission is to offer a friendly and lucrative Blockchain gaming experience along with giving players access to NFTs. GameInfinity combines the Blockchain and gaming in its most superior way. It also wants to develop a passive economy for the project. The team believes in the future of Blockchain and Metaverse in the gaming world. There is a great opportunity to build good reliable products and a strong economy from gaming, but the best time to start doing it is now.

Furthermore, the team wants to create value for its token holders and provide them an identity in this revolutionary gaming world. Active gamers, developers, and content creators will fuel the GameInfinity metaverse and help with its development. The company aims to bring all the game enthusiasts, developers, and players to one panel to build and explore games of all categories on Web3 and Metaverse. It also intends for this panel to generate a common sharing economy for all the active participants.

GameInfinitity will start its native token’s Pre-Sale on April 8, 2022. And it will end on May 9, 2022. The price of 80 GAMEIN tokens will be 1 ETH. The total supply of the tokens is 27,00,00,000. It is based on the BSC blockchain.

What about GameInfinity’s features? 

This is the Biggest Web3 gaming platform with in-Game NFTs. The latter yields profit to the holder on every session. While the project is fairly new, it has achieved 100000+ active players, as well as 50,000+ game sessions in just two months.

Currently, there are three games live on the platform. However, the company promises that there will soon be 20+ Web3 games of Single-player and multiplayer integrated within-game NFT. The token holders will also yield $GAMEIN rewards every time they play games.

The team noted that GameInfinity is, in fact, a bilateral model that connects Blockchain and Gaming both in potential business approaches. The total Blockchain gaming market recently reached $190 billion, and analysts expect it to hit $250 by 2023. Meanwhile, NFT sales surged to $10.7 billion in October 2021. Defi is like a new gold mine that promises its users great riches. They just need to choose the right project for investing. And based on GameInfinity’s success, it may well be worth the trust.

CFLU token is also trending. What does its platform offer? 

Coinfluence launched its native utility token CFLU on July 27, 2021. However, the sale will end on May 4, 2022. 1 CFLU is trading for 40 USD currently, but the platform accepts only BNB in exchange.

The Coinfluence aims to accelerate the best blockchain projects around the world. It only promotes quality projects with great teams. Moreover, its community will unite more than 100,000 influencers, with them connecting to a network of 1 Billion participants.

The team noted that picking a blockchain winner is like rocket science. This process is both complicated and hard. However, the company makes it easier by vetting projects with its community of blockchain and management professionals. It also identifies the strengths of the solution and the weaknesses of execution.

Besides, this platform offers excellent features. It has a seed fund to promising arm projects with cash to enable them to grow, compete, get the MVP built, and show investors the power of their idea in the crowdfunding stage.

Still, Seed funding alone won’t be enough to sustain a project. That’s why the team introduces deserving projects to its community of smart investors ready to invest in promising projects. As a result, creators will get the space, resources, and support to build their cool products.

One of the company’s main value propositions is the ability of its community to create viral exposure for great projects. With its 100,000+ influencers, innovators, and blockchain experts, this network will put the projects in the limelight. After all, exposure is key to a project’s success.

ChiaTK also offers interesting project

ChiaTK is a startup that was born at the beginning of 2021. A team of professionals from very diverse areas created this project. Their main objective is to publicize the benefits and utilities that Blockchain technology can offer people in daily life. The project also aims to create projects and services that will have a real impact on people’s daily lives and are easy to adopt.

Carefully considering previous experiences with other blockchain systems, the team has thought about what would be the best option in technical, innovative, eco-sustainable terms. It wanted to achieve economic viability for the implementation of the projects at the same time. After lots of contemplation, it was clear that what they needed was the Blockchain. After that, they focused all their efforts on the creation of digital platforms whose implementation base is just that – the Blockchain.

ChiaTK plans to build several projects, including BitGreen. It will allow exchanges between the different CAT (Chia Assets Tokens) and the major cryptocurrencies (CHIA, ETH, BTC, USDT). There is also BioPool, which is the official Chia™TK Pool. It will enable users to farm tokens and earn money with their hard drive space.

What about the other features? 

Heroes of Quantum is an exciting NFT game for mobile devices. It is set in a distant galaxy where players fight strong battles to defend their planets. The protagonists are Droids (NFTs). Users can upgrade them and improve them by combining the concepts of Skill to Earn and Free to Play.

MySeed is a crowdfunding platform. It will allow entrepreneurs to connect with investors, and the latter will support the most innovative projects. On the other hand, the OpenPlot platform allows both buyers and sellers of plots to carry out transactions easily. It automates the process of creating and transferring the plot.

Ozone is Multi-platform lightweight. Thanks to it, users can safely manage and transact compatible cryptocurrency CTK, XCH, and CAT.




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