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Genshin King is launching its hot token. What about RED?

GENSHIN KING is the first play-to-earn NFT game that rewards players directly in BNB. The team built the platform on Binance Smart Chain. Players will be able to use GENSHIN KING’s native utility token GENK to recruit heroes, upgrade temples, level up, and complete missions. After completing these activities, they will receive rewards in BNB.

This game offers an exciting plot and interesting features. According to it, there is an ancient planet in the universe (magic world) inhabited by kind-hearted subjects. The King family has protected the SPAR for generations as it balances cosmic energy. There are five spars in total, representing gold, water, wood, fire, and earth.

The King had three high priests with heavy weapons, one woman and two men, who were in charge of the three crystals of gold, water, and wood. The other two spars (earth, fire) are hidden somewhere on the planet, but the two Epicheros protect the secret of their whereabouts. Only they and the King know those spars’ location. Over time, descendants and subordinates of the high priest (heroes Uncommon, Common, Rare) take on the job of protecting the priest and SPAR. They have to fight to gain the power to attack the hordes of monsters and build temples, as well as protect the energy SPAR.

The platform’s native token will help players to get additional benefits. Its ICO will start on April 9, 2022. 34,876,900 GENK will be available for sale. That is 34.8% of the total supply. The company aims to raise $8,400,000 during the initial coin offering, and it will accept BNB in exchange.

How can token holders use GENK? 

According to the team, players will be able to use GENSHIN KING Token to level up, complete missions, recruit heroes, and upgrade temples. It will launch the token on the Pancakeswap platform. While there are quite a lot of crypto PVE games in the Defi, they usually come with some problems.

For example, it is very common for a play to earn crypto game chart to be crashing right from the start when gamers cash out their rewards. That makes the whole project lose value, as the token will be dead in a matter of a few days making users lose all their money. However, GENK has innovative mechanisms and measures in place to avoid such situations.

This is the first Play-to-Earn NFT game that rewards all its users directly in BNB. As a result, gamers do not need to sell GENK to cash out rewards. They can hold the token long-term. The team has also implemented a partnership with Chainlink. The latter’s VRF code will ensure 100% transparent NFT minting.

The company has an in-game price and cost oracles for all in-game spending to allow new users a fair playing process. Moreover, 70% of ALL in-game purchases and spending will go back to BNB rewards Pool, while the other 30% will go to Burn. That ensures the constant recycling of the economy.

Besides, GENSHIN KING is reserving 20% of the token supply for listing on CEX and DEX. That will increase the value of GENK while simultaneously rewarding long-term holders. The team hopes that weekly events with huge BNB and XP rewards will encourage players to hold and spend their tokens. Overall, this team has interesting activities planned, along with a great platform. Considering all this, it’s not surprising that GENK is so popular.

What is 2touch, and what does it offer? 

2Touch is a relatively new platform that will help Defi users make easy investments in new projects, companies, and great ideas. It is also a very secure blockchain ecosystem.

The 2Touch Platform connects entrepreneurs and inventors from across the globe. It also makes its projects available to every user worldwide. With one easy click, customers will go from being a consumer to a prime investors in a project of their choosing. They even have the opportunity to see the growth of the project and their investment.

The founder team aims to make 2Touch Network the next-generation platform for crowdfunding that will minimize investment risks indefinitely. This platform will provide a 2Touch Lock. The latter will prevent scammers and any unauthorized user transactions.

The company launched its own native token TWO in February 2022. The sale will end in April. The TWO is trading for 0.03 USD per coin currently. The total supply of the tokens is 350000000.

What about Shareslake and its token? 

Shareslake is another great project with strong potential. It focuses on transforming the current stock markets, as well as getting more funds for companies and making investment free for investors. The team aims to execute all that with total transaction transparency. On this platform, everyone will be able to connect to the market and have the exact same view of the market as the rest.

Furthermore, Shareslake created its own coin, RED, designed to be exchangeable by real securities, services, and goods that exist beyond the blockchain. That gives a real value to the RED token since users can exchange it for something that potentially produces more value (actual securities). RED is not another speculative cryptocurrency; it can bring real profits to its holders. The team launched its pre-sale on January 26, 2022. It will end on April 26, 2022. The token price is 0.385 USD per RED now, but it will increase after the ICO sale ends. The total supply of the tokens is 2600000.

The protocol will constantly help with funds for those companies that provide RED with investment capabilities and usability. However, to get funding, the companies should fit some conditions. For instance, their shares should be issued directly into the Shareslake Network, providing their owners full investor rights. Customers will have to buy these shares by using RED. Afterward, they can exchange RED tokens for something that potentially produces more value.

Investors should also accept RED as payment for their products or services. They can also buy stocks for free (without paying fees). Thanks to these measures, the Shareslake network makes investing accessible to everyone. That is possible because there are not any intermediaries, and investors are directly connected to the market.




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