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GRX token overcame all expectations. What about GAD’s ICO?

GRX token overcame all expectations. What about GAD’s ICO? 


GRAYLL is developing an ecosystem that merges Defi and Gaming. The company launched its native utility token GRX on December 1, 2021. The ICO sale ends on April 30, 2022. And let me tell you, this token is a hit. It has a high ranking on various listing platforms, and besides, the company offers a great game with exciting features. The total supply of GRX is 100000000000, but only some percentage will be available at this stage. The platform accepts ETH, BTC, USDC, USDT, and XLM in exchange for its coins.

The team created QU²EST as a Play-to-Earn social game. It meshes offline and online gaming experiences for users who don’t always play video games. QU²EST aims to provide both passive and active participants with an amazing experience. Players can even choose their level of engagement. The company’s vision for QU²EST In-Real-Life games is it to be a cross between the game Pokemon Go and the film NERVE. It also wants to implement some Virtual Reality (VR) game features similar to OVR and Ingress Prime in later stages.

In QU²EST, users will play a small number of key participant roles in In-Real-Life. While the platform has many interesting features, its games really stand out thanks to its rewards model. The team pointed out that the risks are low, and the potential rewards are very high. It aims to take Play-to-Earn Social Gaming to the next level by laying the groundwork for group forming networks and implementing rapid scaling characteristics.


What kind of game is QU²EST? 

According to GRAYLL, QU²ESTs are for people who love films like Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Nerve, Davinci Code, Lara Croft, Indiana Jones, and Jumanji. If you’d like to experience offline and online gaming in one package, then this game is the right choice. Some users don’t always play video games or want to have an active role, and QU²EST Games will be great for them too.  

It will provide both passive and active participants with an amazing experience. Not only can everyone choose their level of engagement, but users can have lots of fun in the process, along with the opportunity to make large profits with very little downside.

Besides, while Play-to-Earn is a fantastic concept, not every person is a video gamer or has time to play often. Sometimes people just want to relax and not become over-stimulated with the gaming experience. QU²EST offers each type of user a role with a different level of engagement best suited to them, along with 45x to 1000x returns for winners. The team believes that people should have fun and be rewarded without having to be video gaming fanatics. They should also have the option of choosing how much they want to engage. Thus, players can easily adjust their desired engagement level on this platform.

Furthermore, GRAYLL wants to simplify the process of adopting Defi. The latter is very attractive and innovative, but it is also far too complex to use for mass adoption. The company aims to change that by automating all processes for any chosen Defi service as much as possible. As a result, using its platforms will be a user-friendly push-button experience.


What makes QU²EST stand out?

The company also wants to attract new users who already enjoy its QU²EST games and help them increase the value of any gaming rewards with any Defi services GRAYLL offers. According to the team, one of the most valuable additions to simplify DeFi for broader adoption will be Yield Farming Derivatives that don’t require players to interact directly with on-chain Yield Farming Protocols and the various digital assets. Usually, each network and liquidity pool require such interaction to benefit from yield farming. However, this company will develop the Yield Farming Derivatives as a push-button Defi service.

Studies have shown that users between the ages of 18-25 are more interested in watching gamers play in virtual spaces as opposed to watching regular sports broadcasts. Some experts think that by 2021, the number of spectators will overtake the number of gamers. Video game trends suggest a 90% growth in the audience. In addition, global gaming growth is estimated to soar from $178.4 billion in 2021 to $268.8 billion in 2025. Gaming developers are embracing crypto, blockchain, and NFTs within their games, and QU²EST intends to be there for this profitable ride. 


Green App Development is another great platform. What does it offer? 

The founders of Green APP Development combined Green Wallet, NFT marketplace, Green Swap, cross-chain protocol, and other products in one network. GAD token is their native utility coin, and it’s very trending. The team aims to develop a new ecosystem specifically for green blockchain technologies. It launched the ICO sale on April 1, 2022. And it will end on June 30, 2022. The token is trading for 0.001 USD during the initial coin offering, but its price will increase over time. The total supply is 1000000000.



The Green APP Development team is creating the basis for the future market of green cryptocurrencies: exchanges, wallets, bridges, marketplaces, etc. Its main task is to make these new technologies available to the whole world through its own product ecosystem. The latter will act as a bridge between the ordinary investor, user, corporation, and green blockchains.

Furthermore, the company wants to form a new market. The team believes that its products will become the company’s foundation and set new standards for future generations of products. Bringing communities together is another goal. Green APP’s products should unite the disparate communities of green blockchains. Together, green blockchains will be able to win the recognition of the global community. After all, the emergence of decentralized energy-saving blockchains has already led to the formation of a new trend in the crypto market. And new trends usually open up many new opportunities.

To achieve its goals, The Green APP Development will launch a decentralized mobile application for both IOS and Android. It will allow everyone to store coins and tokens of energy-saving green blockchains on their phone, as well as open access to a simple exchange of eco-friendly cryptocurrency between people. Like GRX tokens, GAD’s holders will get lots of benefits.


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