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ICOM, FOUND, and UNIVERSE tokens are in the spotlight

iCommunity Labs aims to democratize access to blockchain technology and, as a result, boost the digital transformation of any business process or organization. The team uses the technology according to the needs of companies to make them more efficient, safer, and competitive. It strives to solve real problems and adds value to its clients. The company’s goal is to stay at the forefront of innovation.

iCommunity Labs has its own native token, ICOM, which is really trending on various ICO listing platforms. The team plans to launch its sale on March 31, 2022. 20,000,000 ICOM will be available for purchase at the first stage. That is 35% of the total supply. The token price will be 0,20 EUR. However, it will increase after the initial coin offering ends.

iCommunity Labs wants to boost blockchain technology and enable everyone to access it easily. The platform will democratize and permanently extend blockchain’s adoption in the real world. As a result, all companies will be able to apply this promising technology quickly, easily, and inexpensively. The company wants to become for the blockchain what web browsers were in Internet history to the Internet: the means to spread the technology so every user can benefit from it.

How will iCommunity Labs achieve this goal? 

This ecosystem is flexible and powerful. It will provide services and tools for Blockchain technology designed to meet the needs of organizations and businesses seeking to obtain the benefits of such technology. Most firms are unable to do that due to the high costs and great efforts needed for implementing their own blockchain infrastructure. iCommunity Labs offers to avoid all that and enjoy the benefits all the same. The core of this ecosystem is the iCommunity Blockchain Solutions platform, also known as iBS.

The team designed iBS to narrow the existing gap between business organizations and blockchain technology. This platform allows any company in any industry to deploy blockchain in its business. And they won’t have to deal with costly technological projects in addition to saving on implementation costs and the infrastructure’s maintenance.

According to the company, iBS works as a SaaS. It provides all the necessary services to customers and allows them to access an API platform’s advantages. The team calls it EBaaS (Enterprise Blockchain-as-a-Service). The latter allows companies and customers to take advantage of cloud-based and already implemented solutions. Users will be able to build and host smart contracts, an existing token, and various blockchain functions. Meanwhile, the platform provider will manage all necessary tasks and activities to maintain an operational and agile infrastructure. All of this greatly facilitates the adoption of blockchain in business.

This platform offers an impressive list of services, including access to write and read to multiple private and decentralized public databases (DTLs), robust KYC capabilities based on blockchain ID protocols, distributed storage services, existing utility tokens to access iBS services, smart contracts, and full management of wallets.

What about the iCommunity Labs’s other benefits?

This platform will take care of all the necessary tasks to keep an agile, operational infrastructure with access to state-of-art decentralized ledger technologies. The team noted that the adoption of the blockchain with its network would become very easy. It dramatically shortens the implementation time needed while simultaneously reducing associated operation and maintenance costs. The customer firms will only have to worry about their business logic. Consequently, customers will be able to outsource the provision of basic services advantageously. They will also significantly reduce their costs, both capital and operational. Moreover, the organizations will have an opportunity to vary their use capacity according to their specific needs.

ccFOUND’s ICO ends soon. Don’t miss this hot token sale

ccFOUND is an exciting portal. Knowledge-gathering occurs through QUESTIONS and ANSWERS on this platform, and users will get tons of interesting information. The founder team divided the website into thematic categories. Thanks to machine learning tools, all content will be automatically translated into many languages. That will allow for the quick globalization of this portal.

ccFOUND not only teaches but it also gives creative and profit-making opportunities. It will also organize knowledge in a way nobody has done before. The platform aims to solve the problem of informational chaos and make it easier for people to find valuable information.

Its first leg is cryptocurrencies. The upcoming boom in Defi and the crypto market will increase the number of users more than tenfold. The team plans to focus on investing as a whole in the future. ccFOUND will gradually decentralize, and it will be up to the community which areas the portal will focus on.

ccFOUND portal is a knowledge exchange for enthusiasts, traders, investors, analysts, journalists, programmers, engineers, and complete beginners. The team launched the platform’s native token on June 18, 2022. However, the sale will end on March 31, 2022. FOUND is a very hot token, and it has a high ranking. That’s not surprising, considering it is a BEP-20 coin based on Binance Smart Chain. 1,000,000,000 FOUND have been available during the sale, which is 50% of the total supply.

What about the Universe token’s ICO? 

Universe is a P2E on-chain game. Also, based on Binance Smart Chain, this game and its native token are trending. The platform will officially sell 10,000 mystery boxes and never issue new ones. Players will be able to open NFT cards by purchasing officially sold mystery boxes. After that, they can use NFT cards to improve character levels, challenge various dungeons, and obtain top-quality equipment.

Furthermore, users will participate in PVP battles to increase interaction. They can trade NFT cards and equipment through the official marketplace. According to the company, the project contains plans to develop into an IDO platform and cooperate with other projects. It will also conduct IDO on the official website of the Universe.

The team will start the initial coin offering sale on March 21, 2022. It will end on March 28, 2022. 3,150,000,000 UNIVERSE will be available during the ICO. That is 3.15% of the total supply. The token price will be $0.000159 at this stage, but it will increase in the future. Investors can buy these coins on Universe Launchpad.




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