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KDA token is on Binance exchange. What does Kadena offer?

KDA token is on Binance exchange. What does Kadena offer? 

Binance listed Kadena token on its platform recently. The exchange also opened trading for KDA/BTC, KDA/USDT, and KDA/BUSD trading pairs. Kadena is a Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain. It utilizes smart contract language. Called “Pact,” this secure smart contract language comes with built-in automated auditing. The company designed KDA as its native utility token. Customers will be able to use this token to pay for the network’s transaction fees.

The Kadena team believes that blockchain has the potential to revolutionize how the world interacts and transacts. However, to get to mass adoption, Defi users needed to reimagine chain technology and the ecosystem connecting it to the business world from the ground up. Thus, Kadena’s founders built a proprietary chain architecture. They also created the tools to make blockchain work for business – at scale, speed, and energy efficiency previously thought unachievable.

The team launched Kadena in 2016. But prior to that, the founders were already leaders in blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions. Will Martino was recruited from his role as the Tech Lead for the SEC’s Cryptocurrency Steering Committee. And Stuart Popejoy led JPMorgan’s Emerging Blockchain group. Together, they built JPMorgan’s first blockchain, which is now known as JPM Coin.

This company builds technology that makes blockchain work for everyone. Its ecosystem powers real-world use cases for entrepreneurs and enterprises. It provides the security of Bitcoin, unparalleled throughput, virtually free gas (transaction fees), as well as Pact. The latter is the most secure smart contract language with built-in bug detection.

Kadena is a complete decentralized infrastructure 

This platform offers a complete decentralized infrastructure for builders. Combining the tools needed for widespread adoption with a revolutionary chain architecture, users’ teams will get the full capabilities of blockchain with the ability to go from concept to launch in days vs. months. They won’t have to build from scratch.

According to the team, Pact makes designing safer smart contracts effortless, whether users are writing their first contract or launching their fiftieth dApp. Furthermore, it’s fundamentally different from other contract languages. For instance, it’s readable by non-developers, and it automatically detects bugs. As a result, users are free from the exploits they’d face on Ethereum and other unsafe platforms. The team has been battle-testing Kadena in production applications for over two years.

The company stated that Pact is the first truly human-readable smart contract language. Besides, it lets anyone write clearly, safely, and directly onto a blockchain, and that is a true advance for automated contracts. In addition, Pact automatically detects bugs and manages to keep the purpose of code clear. Making sense of fine print and finding bugs can be nearly impossible with other contract languages. However, Pact’s Formal Verification lets users test their contracts to make sure they do what’s intended. Moreover, when they reference code from other contracts, they stay in control of what happens with their transactions, even if they change their code.

Unlike other platforms, the team designed this one to power global financial systems. Its protocol continually scales to higher TPS (Transactions Per Second) as more chains are added to this network. Thanks to Kadena’s revolutionary multi-chain architecture, it is currently the only scalable layer-1 Proof of Work platform capable of scaling to settle the 9+ million trades executed on the NYSE every day.

Why is this platform secure? 

Kadena’s founders’ experience at JPMorgan revealed the potential for existing blockchain solutions, as well as their limitations. Thus, the team decided to solve the security and throughput demands of financial services clients. To achieve that goal, Kadena’s protocol runs on the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism found in Bitcoin instead of Proof of Stake (PoS). The team braids together multiple Bitcoin-like chains to achieve Kadena’s breakthrough scalability. Thus, it improves both throughput and scalability while maintaining the integrity and security found in Bitcoin.

Furthermore, ​as network demand increases, the company’s energy use remains constant. Its unique multi-chain architecture makes Kadena the only platform that can deliver increased energy efficiency as TPS scales.

The team offers marginal transaction fees for consumers. It has even gone a step further in introducing the first Crypto Gas Stations, aiming to allow businesses to eliminate all transaction fees for their customers. That will remove a key barrier to the mass adoption of dApps. After all, huge fees are a strong deterrent for many potential Defi users, who would otherwise invest in various Defi platforms.

Unlike companies that ask for such enormous fees, Kadena’s limits are very low. This platform also works with customers’ preferred services to build how they want and where they want. Empowered with its ecosystem of product and service integrations across enterprises, DeFi, mining, oracles, smart contracts, interop, wallets, and exchanges, Kadena’s passionate community of builders, partners, and miners will change how the world interacts and transacts.

This ecosystem offers scalable, secure blockchain Pact and safer smart contracts, as well as gas stations for no-fee transactions dApp toolkit for rapid development.

What is the Galaxy Blitz, and when does its ICO start? 

Galaxy Blitz is an exciting Play-To-Earn combat strategy NFT game. The team decided to set the game’s plot in the future. According to it, four unique, highly evolved descendants of humanity fight for dominance in battles on both land and in space.

The company aims to provide players with a cutting-edge experience. It sees great potential in utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) to improve immersion further. In addition, it gives the overall experience to the players. Thus, the team decided to make AR a key component of its development plan. Its pre-sale NFTs will support AR at launch. Moreover, the company will allow owners of Galaxy Blitz NFTs to bring their favorite Spaceships, Heroes, and Superweapons to life regardless of where they are.

The platform also has its own native token, MIT. The team plans to launch its sale on March 20, 2022. 190,000 MIT will be available for purchase for the price of $1 per MIT during the initial coin offering. Users can buy the tokens on the Trustpad platform. The team aims to raise $190,000 with the sale. MIT token is already very popular among investors. Its price will increase after the ICO sale ends.




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