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KYOKO and 1MOON tokens are in the spotlight. Why’s that?

Decentralized finance’s rapidly growing popularity incentivized people to create more Defi platforms and become a part of this new world. GameFi guilds and DAOs are taking the world by storm alongside the development of the GameFi and Web3 industries. Each day brings new organizations with enormous potential. Unfortunately, most of them lack the resources to grow. DAOs have difficulties when it comes to tapping into their deep Treasury reservoirs. Meanwhile, Guilds suffer from a severe cash crunch to grow operations. Both of these problems underscore a strong demand for blockchain-based credit.

Furthermore, the cost to enter play-to-earn games is rising as more players begin their journey into GameFi. Despite that, thousands of new players are joining the play-to-earn market every day, thanks to frequent game releases. Many of these users aspire to join gaming guilds to lower the cost of entry into various games. But smaller guilds take time to grow. They also lack quick and cheap access to in-game resources.

That’s why the founders of Kyoko Finance decided to do something and make Defi space more accessible for people all around the world. This platform provides solutions, such as industry financing and connectivity. In addition, Kyoko is a P2P NFT lending and DAO-to-DAO credit provider platform. It even offers a cross-chain GameFi NFT lending market for guilds and gamers.

The company is working to create a one-stop platform to provide liquidity to the Web3 and GameFi industries. Through its DAO-to-DAO lending, this platform will ensure that DAOs and Guilds get the liquidity they require to maintain operation. It will simultaneously allow its clients to stake their existing resources as collateral for larger credit loans. In fact, Kyoko aims to bridge high-potential DAOs and Guilds with the resources and industry connections they need to grow.

What other features will this platform offer? 

Kyoko’s cross-chain asset lending market and P2P NFT lending platform will bring liquidity to the traditionally illiquid NFT market. The company will also ensure to offer a lower cost of entry when it comes to popular P2E titles. It will achieve that by bridging gaming blockchains through a single marketplace for Guilds, players, and investors.

According to the team, now is the era of GameFi, and it fully intends to take advantage of it. Kyoko will be here amidst all the challenges that still need solving in this emerging market, and it will keep play-to-earn accessible and profitable to all.

Moreover, the company will bring credit to the blockchain while providing financial support for DAOs through the industry’s first DAO-to-DAO lending protocol. It plans to solve the most pressing issues challenging the GameFi market, such as the soaring cost of entry and siloed in-game assets across different blockchains.

Kyoko’s stakeholders will be able to vote and, thus, decide which DAOs or guilds can be on the whitelist of DAO2DAO Loans. Users who participate in voting will have the opportunity to receive future DAOs or guilds token airdrops. The company also created the platform’s own governance token, which is very popular. For now, customers can use KYOKO tokens for two things. Token holders will have the proposal power that gives access to creating and sustaining a proposal, and they will have the voting power (to vote for or against existing proposals).

How can users introduce their proposal to the Kyoko community? 

There are some steps to take for a successful governance proposal. Users need to create a Kyoko Request for Comments at first to share on the forum and exchange with the community. They should also use the Kyoko Snapshot to gauge community sentiment and preferences. Investors can prepare the Kyoko Improvement Proposal based on the rough consensus gathered via snapshot, as well as prepare the necessary payloads. After finishing that step, they will have to simply submit their proposal to the protocol for a governance vote.

The company plans to launch the KYOKO token on March 30, 2022. The sale will end on March 31, 2022. 30,000,000 KYOKO will be available for purchase, and the price will be $0.100000 per token. The team aims to raise $3,000,000 during the initial coin offering.

What about the Moon platform? 

Moon is an interactive political, economic, and social Metaverse. The team created it to explore and colonize the moon virtually. Built on Binance Blockchain, this platform offers sophisticated gameplay featuring multiple actions gamers need to take to build communities, do business, and create a thriving civilization. All of this is in a lunar setting.

While there are numerous games in the Defi space, Moon stands out with its interesting plot and exciting features. The platform has its own native token, 1MOON, which will offer its holders additional benefits. The company plans to begin the token sale in April. 1 1MOON will trade for 0.0005 USD. The team’s fundraising goal is 3,000,000,000. The total supply of tokens is 100,000,000,000, but only some percentage will be available at the first stage.

The founders of this game took inspiration from the most famous and successful Real-Time Strategy, open-ended games of all time, such as Rise of Nations, Sim City, and Age of Empires. Moon has 126,000 HEX virtual land plots. Represented by NFTs, these plots allow players to start businesses, build real estate, and develop other activities. In turn, these activities generate income in Moon tokens.

Players can buy, sell, or rent Lunar land plots. The latter may even form political entities (countries) which can then form alliances, go to war, and levy taxes on all economic activity within their borders. It’s just like the real world.

The company aims to expand the Moon ecosystem and add a wider range of in-game NFT assets (excavation equipment, oxygen supplies, shops products, weapons, etc.). It will also support the long-term value of 1MOON token, generating real profits for token holders.

Moreover, gameplay will offer a variety of play-to-earn activities that can reward users with extra 1MOON tokens. These activities would include solving lunar mysteries, discovering conspiracy theories, and exploring the dark side of the moon. The team wants to further develop the platform by eventually allowing space travel, starting from the moon, and the creation of potential new interplanetary Metaverses.




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