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LOFI token is a very high ranking. Why’s that? 

The LOFI Project offers a unique perspective on the live streaming ecosystem. The latter is becoming more and more popular as numerous people flock to social media accounts to see the events develop live. Anyone with a smartphone can start the live video and show the people what’s happening in real time. However, not all lives are interesting or offer anything valuable to their watchers. LOFI aims to make this process more productive and rewarding.

Its users will be able to watch live videos with interesting content and earn money simultaneously. Such a system will contribute to the creation of a sustainable streaming industry. The company wants to help the development of a healthier streaming ecosystem. It also aims to bridge the lifestyle between Web2 and Web3.

The team is working on the LOFI EQ app, which will be available soon. Thanks to this application, live stream fans will be able to monetize their views. Furthermore, the company will deliver users’ donations to live streamers through its EQ’s donation function.

LOFI also has its native utility token. It launched the ICO sale on August 26, 2022. The price of this BEP-coin was 0.005 USD during the initial coin offering. The team planned to raise $500,000 with the sale. While the total supply of tokens is 10,000,000,000, only 19% was available at this stage.

According to the team, LOFI EQ is a social entertainment platform. Built for live stream viewers, it uses the Watch-to-Earn model. The company plans to give its users substantial rewards for the time they spend watching the videos. LOFI isn’t the platform’s only token. There is also BUZZ, which offers various benefits. Viewers will be able to donate the tokens to their favorite streamers or unlock various exciting features on the platform. Moreover, they can trade the tokens on third-party exchanges.

The team created the LOFI Project to help the development of a live streaming ecosystem that will bring Defi concepts, such as decentralization and community governance, to live stream fans.

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