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MetaChess’ native token is hot. What about STRM and LSC? 

MetaChess is the first 3D multiplayer play-to-earn and NFT metaverse chess game worldwide. The platform operates in both 2D and 3D. The team divided the 3D version into two. The first part is the regular chess game. It provides traditional chess pieces in 3D. However, the second part is more animated. It introduces the chess pieces in the form of humanoid characters, which are also tokens. Users can own NFTs (unique chess pieces) that they use in the game. The platform also employs play-to-earn models that make it worth players’ time.

Play-to-earn model is a novelty that could lead to a new wave of gamers getting into online chess. Thanks to it, users will be able to choose from a variety of ways to earn in-game, including learn-to earn, where they have to solve puzzles to get rewards, Stake-to-earn, Coach-to-earn, Compete-to-earn, and many more.

Moreover, the MetaChess metaverse plans to introduce blood-like arenas. Humanoid figures that represent the actual traditional classic game pieces will participate in various activities in these arenas. That will give the game a true storyline, while the animations immerse players in a real-world atmosphere. Users will be able to hold unique NFTs as well as sell and buy the NFTs inside the platform marketplace.

The company also created SHAH – the native utility token for the platform. It is the main currency on MetaChess’s NFT marketplace. Token holders can use SHAH for staking or payment at the coaching platform. Thanks to it, they will have access to the unique game modes and gain entries into tournaments.

The team plans to launch the SHAH’s ICO sale on April 25, 2022. 3,333,333 tokens will be available for purchase. That is 1.11% of the total supply. The price will be $0.030000 per SHAH during the initial coin offering.

What is StreamCoin (STRM), and what does it offer? 

StreamCoin is a trending governance token. The founder team has built it on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), using the BEP-20 token standard. The token’s ICO started on February 1, 2022. And it will end on April 30, 2022. The total supply of STRM tokens is 4,520,000,000. However, only 2,640,000,000 are available for sale. The company accepts ETH, BTC, FTX, TRX, SOL, USDT, XRP, BNB, and BUSD in exchange for its native coins.

This company aims to become the gateway for the future of video NFTs. To achieve this goal, it has built Stream Chain that features an NFT marketplace, as well as a dedicated NFT standard.

Furthermore, StreamCoin has another utility token, GaStream (GSTRM). Customers can use it for gas fees. The team plans to incentivize contributors through rewards, as well. It has already listed GSTRM on CoinMarketCap and exchanges; Investors can also trade it on the PancakseSwap and DODO platforms. The is also a referral program that grants traders 100% STRM rewards for every successful purchase made by their referrals. Meanwhile, the Airdrop event gives them 5 GSTRM tokens for each STRM they own.

Are there other benefits? 

According to the team, the StreamCoin investors and users will benefit from a dedicated NFT Marketplace to buy and sell NFTs; ownership transfer support to resell the NFTs to others; more security with DDPoS (Dual Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus; high-speed transactions up to 300,000 TPS (KOLAS Certified); and multiple earning opportunities powered by GaStream (GSTRM). They will also be able to mint videos and images into NFTs.

The company offers many interesting features. Customers will have the opportunity to simulcast to audiences across all their social platforms; choose to display ads of their choice while they live stream; filter access to viewers based on country, age, and gender; mint their videos and upload them to the NFT marketplace, and earn 100% of all their STREAM rewards.

LSC token is still available. Why is it so popular? 

LetStudy launched its ICO sale on August 1, 2021. But it will end on August 1, 2022. LSC is the platform’s native token, and it’s very trending. The total supply of these BEP-20 tokens is 1,000,000,000. LetStudy introduced a blockchain-based decentralized education service platform. Its main purpose is to create an ecosystem on blockchain to improve the educational area, especially after the coronavirus pandemic.

The company’s native token offers many benefits. Customers can use it to pay tuition fees on the E-Learning Platform (LetTutor and LetStudy). On the other hand, staking the token will create the passive income from the profit if customers use LetStudy Ecosystem. By staking this coin, investors will receive part of the income generated from the E-Learning Platform, as well as LetStarter crowdfunding and LetExchange trading. By simply holding LSC, traders can vote in the project development and grant the most interesting projects built in its ecosystem.

Furthermore, the LetStudy platform includes Online Course Learning, E-Learning Platform; LetLearn; LetTutor, and more. LetLearn is a global marketplace for instruction and learning. This platform enables people to build online courses on their preferred topics. The instructors will be able to create courses on LetLearn by uploading videos and PDFs, as well as audio with course creation tools. They can also engage and interact with community members via online discussion boards.

How do the other features work? 

The instructors and learners can join the E-Learning Platform to teach and learn through two forms: 1-on-1 real-time video conference learning or video course learning (similar to Udemy, Coursera, Pluralsight, etc.). The LetStudy ecosystem plans to use NFTs to represent the video learning courses for the teacher. According to the team, the NFT token contains information to identify the course content, along with the creator and the owner of the course.

LetTutor is a global tutor resource-sharing platform integrated into the LetStudy ecosystem. Customers could use LetTutor to find many kinds of teachers, tutors, coaches, and experts from many countries to help them accomplish their learning goals. The company aims to create a market that will connect the millions of instructors and learners to teach and learn through video conference technology. Its technology is secure. Besides, the system can scale to hundreds of thousands of video tutoring call sessions at the same time.




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