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Mexican Billionaire Has 60% in BTC

The Bitcoin 2022 conference was jam-packed with new developments, but Peter Thiel stole the show by tossing $100 bills into the audience and referring to Warren Buffet as a “sociopathic grandpa.”

Thiel, one of the conference’s keynote speakers, ascended the main Nakamoto stage in the early afternoon and began his lecture in style by tossing a wad of $100 bills into the audience to highlight the difference between crypto and government-backed fiat cash. I thought you guys were supposed to be Bitcoin maximalists, Thiel remarked as the crowd rushed for the money. He then delivered an energized pro-Bitcoin speech in which he claimed that Bitcoin’s price would rise 100-fold from its current level and that traditional financial markets would finally collapse.

Thiel’s list also featured JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and Blackrock CEO Larry Fink. They both blasted the group of billionaires for waging a “gerontocracy” – a society dominated by the elderly — against Bitcoin. Salinas, whose net worth reported to be $12.8 billion, was an early Bitcoin investor. In an interview with Cointelegraph, Salinas stated that he bought his first Bitcoin in 2013 when the average price was around $200 per coin.

Earlier in the day, Samson Mow, the former chief strategy officer of Blockstream, stated that two new governments would be pushing to legalize Bitcoin. The Caribbean island of Roatán and Madeira, a Portuguese autonomous community, have both announced that they will accept Bitcoin as legal cash. Mexico is also said to be thinking about making a move. On Thursday, El Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele set to speak second-to-last. On the other hand, the Bitcoin Conference officially announced his departure on Twitter on Thursday, citing “unforeseen circumstances.” The country is currently in a state of emergency due to escalating gang violence.

Day three of the Bitcoin 2022 conference will include more high-profile speakers, including a fireside chat with acclaimed psychologist Jordan Peterson, a keynote speech by legendary investor Mike Novogratz, and a Thiel Capital director Eric Weinstein presentation.




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