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MST, METAC, and GRAND tokens are very hot. Why’s that?

MST, METAC, and GRAND tokens are very hot. Why’s that?  

MappedSwap Protocol is a decentralized, on-chain cross-margin trading swap exchange. The team has built it on Eurus Blockchain. The latter is a decentralized, open-source, and cross-chain network protocol. It is also interoperable with Ethereum. Eurus blockchain is based on Hyperledger technology. It provides one of the fastest cross-chain transaction speeds on a flexible network.

Furthermore, the MappedSwap protocol combines the features of high capital efficiency, leading liquidity, speeding transaction, and secure funds. It has a low threshold for users to enter Decentralized Finance (Defi). This platform is also user-friendly.

MappedSwap aims to improve the efficiency of asset use. Thus, it allows customers to use financing tools for trading in Defi protocols. The platform also promises users high-level protection of their funds through smart contracts. They won’t have to trust their funds to anyone and still obtain security from the blockchain. All transaction data is transparent, and customers can find it using the EURUS block searching engine.

Moreover, MappedSwap’s flexible network technology will be able to execute transaction settlements within 2 seconds. It will enable users to grasp real-time market dynamics. The company also will prepare sufficient funds to maintain more than US$6 billion locked in the liquidity pool.

The team created MST token for utility purposes. It is currently very trending, and its ICO sale will start soon. The total supply of MST is 3000000000. The company will accept ETH, BTC, USDC, and USDT in exchange for its native coins. It also has a bonus structure for incentivizing customers.

What are MappedSwap’s major benefits? 

This DeFi swap platform allows investors to earn up to 80% stake and referral rewards. It also supports the trading of BTC, ETH, and USDT with high liquidity. Customers can loan up to 10x the amount of their assets with less than 0.01% slippage tolerance, as well as trade with very low fees.

According to the team, this protocol maintains at least 6 billion in value of liquidity in RaijinSwap. The latter is a decentralized swap exchange built on Eurus Blockchain, which uses the Constant Product Market Maker Model algorithm for market making. Overall, MappedSwap and its token have strong potential. This project has already attracted investors’ attention, and its popularity will likely increase over time.

What about the METAC token’s ICO? 

MetaComs launched its native utility token METAC on October 21, 2022. The sale will end on November 10, 2022. The METAC token is very hot. Its current price is 0.12 USD, but it will increase after the initial coin offering sale ends. The platform accepts USD, BNB, and BUSD in exchange for METACs. Considering that it is based on BSC and its innovative features, this project will likely achieve success.

You may ask, why’s that? Digital technologies play a significant role in shaping and regulating the behavior, standards, performance, etc., of societies, organizations, communities, and individuals. Nowadays, many business sectors are undergoing amazing changes, mainly because of new digital innovations.

The MetaComs platform has integrated many of these new features, like 3D Metaverse P2P crypto transfer. It also made the platform NFT-compatible. This project offers much more than just a new generation communication platform for offices, schools, or any private or corporate business; This is a platform with virtual world features that makes it businesslike and entertaining.

Furthermore, MetaComs is a fully functional communication platform. It comes embedded with Metaverse features and multiple digital stores for users to monetize the Metaverse. This company also offers: customized spaces for all users for free, one parcel for a space of 20 users is free, parcels of most used spaces will move to the center, four combined parcels for 60 users will cost ~$15 a year, whole campuses and offices for companies, features for space, done by app-developers, spaces, and sub-spaces with entrance policy. The team also uses enhanced security. It even integrated a face filter and background separation through SDK.

Meanwhile, the GRAND token’s ICO is still in the spotlight

Grand Time started its initial coin offering sale on November 5, 2021. And it will end on November 4, 2022. The GRAND token is very high-ranked on various ICO listing platforms.  

Grand Time is a decentralized, community-driven environment. The team designed it around a simple idea. It wanted to allow people to literally turn time into money by empowering them to tokenize and monetize every moment of their lives.

The GRAND token powers the Grand Time platform, which separates every day into 10,000,000 Grand units. Thanks to this coin, even the smallest parts of users’ lives can be turned into crypto assets.

However, the unique thing about the platform is that it also provides people with multiple creative ways to use their tokens. Grands are not just collectibles; they are also multi-functional digital assets.

According to the team, one of the biggest problems of the current blockchain ecosystem is that most digital currencies aren’t very useful. Even when an amateur user acquires some crypto, there are just not too many things that can be done with it. That is very off-putting.

However, Grand Time is different from most crypto projects. It focuses on the usability of Grand tokens. As a result, its ecosystem is vibrant and full of various beginner-friendly tools that empower users to put their tokens to good use.

What are the Grand Time platform’s main features? 

Grand Social Mining is one of the main components of this platform. It allows everyone to turn time into money in a very easy way. The customers can generate some amount of the token rewards by performing simple social media tasks.

The platform automatically stores the tokens generated through social mining in Grand Wallet. The latter is a secure and reliable tool used for sending, receiving, and storing crypto assets. Unlike many other wallets, this one specifically focuses on being maximally welcoming even to people with zero crypto experience.

Moreover, community-building is one of the primary focuses of the company. That’s why the team created Grand Messenger, which allows people to communicate with like-minded individuals. It also gives them the option to send Grand tokens to their friends easily. And even though the Grand token is the main asset of the platform, it’s not the only one. Every customer of Grand Time will also be able to use the Grand Terminal to create and launch their own digital tokens.




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