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Mutual Funds Weekly: These money and investing tips can tell you what to buy and sell when the chips are down

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Adding international stocks to your portfolio can help you endure any pain in the U.S. market

They cut risk and balance out growth-value holdings. Read More

April could be a great month for stocks — if you believe in magic

It’s easy for investors to ‘discover’ a pattern where none exists. Read More

Higher interest rates aren’t all bad

When rates are higher you can purchase a greater annuity payout rate Read More

This forecast model says interest rates are nearing a peak. Bond investors will reap the rewards.

Looking at rates on both an after-tax and after-inflation basis gives a complete picture. Read More

Here’s how you can play it safe with your investments as interest rates rise

Bond prices fall as interest rates rise, but things aren’t that simple. Bonds can cut risk as the central bank increases interest rates. Read More

Stock buybacks are Washington’s latest public enemy — even though they’re good for shareholders

Tax rules give share repurchases a clear advantage over dividends. Read More

This is what you should do in the stock market now, according to three 2022 fund-award winners

Don’t get out of equities and start to favor growth strategies. Read More

Tech stocks haven’t been this oversold since 2015, leading analyst says

Tech stocks are the most oversold they have been since 2015, according to Dan Ives, an analyst at Wedbush Securities. Read More

Dow transports are in a ditch. Can the stock market and the economy be far behind?

The freight transportation sector has been found to be a reliable leading economic indicator. Read More

Stocks are heading toward a bear market in 2023, Deutsche Bank warns

Equities will fall at least 20% as the economy enters a recession. Read More

Want to beat the stock market over the next decade? Add bonds to your portfolio

The so-called 60/40 portfolio is poised to make a big comeback. Read More

These income strategies can help protect your stock investments from inflation and a recession

Rising dividend income and downside protection help you meet your investment goals as interest rates rise. Read More

SEC’s climate change proposal gives Main Street investors no voice. Here’s how to make yourself heard.

The document refers to individual retail investors only once. Read More

Socially responsible investors should harness the power of the profit motive instead of fighting it

If ESG investing is ever going to have a real-world impact, advocates will have to make the business case for doing the right thing. Read More

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