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General Information & First Impressions

BitiCodes is an innovative trading software that offers even entirely inexperienced traders a chance to earn money. It’s a crypto-related service, capitalizing on the popularity of cryptocurrencies to maximize the potency of its automated trading. As such, it’s an invaluable tool for those that want a more hands-off approach to trading. Our BitiCodes review will go over its core concept and key features.

Before we start talking about the more technical aspects of the service, we should go over our very first impressions. Namely, the company comes off very strong, and it has fantastic presentation skills. Unlike other auto trading software that are very old-fashined, BitiCodes gets straight to the point. That makes it much simpler for users to explore and decide whether they’ll join.

On top of that, the website is condensed, so you won’t need to look around too much. Most of the relevant information is on the home page, so you’ll be able to find most of what you need just by scrolling. If you missed something, you can always use the find feature on browsers to locate specific bits of info.

BitiCodes offers a streamlined and simple experience, in line with the fact that it makes being a successful trader easier. You can spend minutes exploring the service instead of hours. As such, we were fairly impressed by, and we haven’t even gotten to the features yet.

Are you interested? Registration at

BitiCodes has an exclusive nature, which means most traders need to register quickly upon entering the website. The auto trading software takes registrations in waves, and once slots run out, you might need to wait a while for another chance. There’s a counter near the top of the webpage that tells you how long you have left. The number of accounts is also limited, and BitiCodes will tell you how many are left.

The good news is that the registration process is fairly simple. You just need to fill in your name and phone number, and you’re set. Of course, the company may require additional info for checks later on, but the start is easy.

Feel Safe with BitiCodes: Review of Fund and Account Security

As we said earlier in our BitiCodes review, the auto trading software offers an innovative automatic trading service. In other words, it has a platform that you can modulate, but the software itself does most of the work for you. Where BitiCodes stands out is that it has a much higher success rate than similar tools.

Many auto trading software offer automated trading platforms in addition to their regular service. Those often have a marginally higher success rate than normal trading, but not by much. Also, they come with hefty fees that minimize the money you actually earn. As such, they’re inefficient and mostly just lock up your funds without actually benefitting you.

Opposed to that, BitiCodes’ software is fully optimized for online trading. It capitalizes on the massive trading volume of cryptocurrencies to produce optimal trading paths. That lets it have a much higher success rate, bolstering the earnings of its customers.

And since BitiCodes’ automated trading is the company’s main product, it’s much cheaper. For auto trading softwares, it’s just a way to squeeze fee money out of their customers. For BitiCodes, it’s the bread and butter, and the company created the trading with users in mind.

So if you’re looking for an automated trading platform, there’s no other choice than BitiCodes. There are few services that offer you as much security as it, due to the software rarely missing. That guarantees your funds will stay safe and propagate as time goes on.

The Account: What you need to know in this BitiCodes review?

Most auto trading software require you to either pay a flat fee for an account or have a massive amount of money on it. However, as we said in our BitiCodes review, the company is quite open and beginner-friendly. As such, it only requires you to deposit $250 to start the automatic trading process.

Of course, that’s not a lot of money in the trading world, so BitiCodes’ earning potential may be stifled. Proportionately, you’ll still be earning quite a sum, but you can do more at higher deposit levels. So if you want to get the most out of BitiCodes, you’ll need to commit a bit more than $250.

So you may be asking how long you’ll be on your account on a daily basis. That’s a fair question since the primary advantage of auto traders is that they free up your time. BitiCodes estimates that you won’t need any longer than 20 minutes per day. Of course, some days you’ll need a bit more, but sometimes, you won’t need to check at all

BitiCodes’ Trading Platform: Review of Functionalities

As we said numerous times throughout our BitiCodes review, the platform is quite simple. You can register, and after that, you’ll have a short chat with a BitiCodes representative. They’ll help you set up the platform the way you wish, and after that, the automatic trading takes the wheel.

Of course, if you’re a more experienced trader, you may want a higher degree of control. BitiCodes will gladly provide that, but be sure not to fiddle with it too much. Since it’s algorithm-based, you might throw off the trading software, negatively impacting your earnings.

What we think about BitiCodes Software

BitiCodes feels like the next logical step in the world of trading. Software-assisted trading has been a thing for about as long as computers have. It has been exclusive and expensive, mostly used by Wall Street moguls for a long time. However, as time went on, the tools became more widely available, forming online trading as we know it today.

However, most trading tools traders have access to nowadays are rudimentary. Of course, there is some paid software you can utilize, but even that isn’t too great. The things that can give you a significant edge also usually cost a lot, cutting into your profits. As it stands, very few software assistants are worth using.

However, as we outlined in our BitiCodes review, it solves all of those issues. It’s cheap, only requiring a small deposit to start using. On top of that, it’s easy to set up, accessible and has a high accuracy rate. As such, it positions itself to be the tool that will take most traders to the next level.




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