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Personal Finance Daily: A flip to EVs over gas cars could save $1.2 trillion in health costs and Crypto’s latest promise: Lowering home mortgage costs

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Processed foods like ramen packets and frozen pizza can hurt your heart — and the globe, study says

Our reliance on packaged ramen, frozen pizza and too much pasta doesn’t only put our health at risk — highly processed diets are damaging the planet, study says. Read More

A flip to EVs over gas cars could save $1.2 trillion in health costs and stop nearly 3 million asthma attacks: American Lung Association

A transition to zero-emission autos would have a dramatic impact on asthma attacks and other expensive health issues, the American Lung Association says. Read More

Crypto’s latest promise: Lowering home mortgage costs

Blockchain-based solutions can keep a lid on home-buying expenses. Read More

‘I can tolerate him for 7 months — at the most’: My husband and I live apart in the summer. Should I refinance my house and set up a joint savings account?

‘I’m working and my husband is retired.’ Read More

The 10 best new and updated SUVs in 2022

There are lots of great new models and some popular SUVs have been redesigned. Check out the list. Read More

Should you pay your taxes with a credit card to get points?

Using a credit card to pay taxes involves fees that can often exceed rewards. But using the right strategy can net you a slew of credit card points and miles. Read More

Student loan debt is testing borrowers. Here are some expert tips to make the grade.

Focus on what you can control, financial advisers say. Read More

Robinhood extends trading hours from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. — 3 things NOT to do when trading stocks after hours

Investing and trading is never easy at any time of the day, but off-hours trading brings its own set of challenges. Read More

Former Yale administrator stole $40 million, pretending to buy computer equipment for the university. Instead, she bought a fleet of luxury cars, and several houses

Jamie Petrone estimated that 90% of all computer equipment orders she made for Yale’s medical school over eight years were bogus. Read More

Nurses of color are battling a ‘dual pandemic’ of workplace racism and COVID fears, study says

‘There’s urgent need to not only recruit but to retain talented nurses of color.’ Read More

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