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From MarketWatch:

Retired? Here’s when you don’t have to file your taxes – and when you do: Some retirees are not required to file a tax return every year, but those unsure should check the income requirements. Others may want to file even if they don’t have to this year. 

To save Social Security, all options should be considered – including increasing the full retirement age: Congress has yet to announce how it intends to improve or save Social Security, but one proposal is to bump up the Full Retirement Age for beneficiaries. 

Technology has been a boon to some older adults, but a serious obstacle for others: Technological advancements can be a challenge for any individual, some more than others. 

Also on MarketWatch:

4 key considerations when you’re deciding when to claim Social Security 

I’m 41, and my partner is 50. We have $800,000 in retirement savings and make $250,000. We want to retire ASAP but know our money won’t last. What can we do? 

Millennials have solved the retirement crisis

A better way to leave your possessions to your heirs, from an expert on decluttering 

Palliative care vs. hospice – here’s how they differ 

Could reversing the retirement crisis be this simple? 

Women continue to make progress breaking into construction and other skilled trades 

More in retirement news:

Economist: ‘Retirement for most people is financial suicide’ (Yahoo! Finance)

How long $1 million in retirement savings will last in 50 U.S. cities (TheStreet)

Inflation ideas for retirement portfolios (Financial Planning)

The new tax playbook for draining your 401(k) in retirement (Wall Street Journal)

Student loan debt can complicate retirement savings for older borrowers (Spokane Journal of Business)

Confused about retirement choices (Idaho Business Review)

Research and Insight:

How to create a retirement income stream (Kiplinger)

Rainy-day proposal omission reignites retirement link debate (Bloomberg Law)

Study finds advantages to virtual retirement and financial wellness education (Planadviser)

Decision to retire not just a matter of numbers (FEDweek)

One-stop shopping for retiree financial aid (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

To share with your family, friends and clients:

Do households save more when the kids leave

Republicans have painted themselves into a corner over fixing Social Security’s finances 

Raising Social Security’s full retirement age from 67 to 70 would be the wrong way to fix the program 

We’re in our 60s, my husband plans to work until he ‘drops dead’ and our medical bills are overwhelming – how can we retire like this? 

‘I have researched the right moves over the past 12 months; I am still confused… claiming Social Security is a nerve-racking decision’ How to make your money last in retirement

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