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RIOX token will be available soon. You don’t want to miss it

RIOX token will be available soon. You don’t want to miss it

Raised in Oblivion X is an exciting multiplayer survival FPS game. The team has based it on blockchain and created a native token, RIOX, for the platform. To start the journey as a player within RIOX, users will need to create an account on the RIOX PORTAL. They can link their Crypto Wallet to buy and receive items or rewards.

The company plans to launch the token sale this month. Its price will be 0.03 USD per RIOX during the initial coin offering. However, the token’s value will increase after the ICO sale ends. The total supply of coins is 1,000,000,000.

In this immersive game, the players start their journey as ordinary civilians, without skins or items on their inventory. The gamers must look for supplies on the map to survive and evolve their rank level. They will be able to accumulate scores by murdering other players and infected ones. Exploring the map, they will find boxes containing supplies, weapons, medicine, and coins.

Raised in Oblivion X team decided to use the Unreal Engine. The latter is a game engine that grants realism rich details, turning the gameplay more fluid and exciting. The game takes place in the Vidigal area. That is a neighborhood that has an area of about 163 ha placed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (it’s based on the real location).

The game tries to recreate the actual city in the virtual world. Thus, it’s possible to find tourist spots and compare them to the real ones. The famous Vidigal square is also interesting for sightseeing. However, the team is developing a post-apocalyptic world. Thus, it adapted the buildings, scenery, and vegetation according to the theme where the participants must survive in this isolated pandemic place. Players have to look for supplies to keep surviving.

What else will you find in this game? 

According to the team, it is possible to find advertising and buildings that portray the local businesses in Rio de Janeiro within the game. The company also incorporated lots of ads and billboards in the game, aiming to hold a rotating auction of these locations. As a result, companies or RIOX Token holders will be able to take advantage of these spaces. The businesses will become more popular as players from all around the world have the opportunity to enjoy them in the game and maybe as tourists in real life. 

RIOX METAVERSE is a system where users interact with other players and enjoy the great game. The team is actively working to create first-rate experiences. As the game takes place in a hostile environment, the player’s main concern is to find supplies. The team will distribute food, drink, medicine, weapons, and coins on the map. However, these items are limited, and they work in conjunction with the scarcity algorithm, preventing item overload.

Gamers can also loot or fight enemies to steal supplies, team up, and search for a Safe zone on the map. The team placed Safe zones on the map randomly. The player should look for them while running away from infected, battling enemies, and helping friends.

TRISK token’s ICO will end soon. Should you grab it? 

TRISK is a trending token, but its initial coin offering ends on May 31, 2022. Thus, investors don’t have much time left to purchase it. Currently, 1 TRISK is trading for 0.00000006 USD, but its price will increase over time. The total supply of tokens is 1,000,000,000,000,000. Besides, the team based it on Binance Smart Chain. As a BSC token, it offers many advantages.

The Triskelions’ Grand Fraternity (Tau Gamma Phi) is the creator of the TRISK token. This fraternal organization was founded in 1968 in the Philippines. It currently boasts about 2,500,000 registered members worldwide, and many consider it one of the largest international fraternities. This organization has carried out medical missions, charity activities, outreach and feeding programs, and community services for the last 50 years.

Guided by their three cardinal principles – Strength, Freewill, and Brotherhood, the members usually donate funds and goods for such activities. However, sometimes they get funding from sponsors, solicitations, and fund-raising activities. During the pandemic, they organized makeshift community pantries where items were given for free. The Triskelions’ Grand Fraternity mostly gathered food, such as vegetables, rice, canned goods, and other essentials, in order to help people survive the socio-economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

What about the organization’s protocol and features? 

The Triskelion Finance Protocol is part of the organization’s #TriskelionCares initiative, which is community-oriented. The goal is to create a community-driven, fairly launched, rug-proof Defi Token with a focus on charity. The founders want to harness the cryptos’ huge potential to expand their charitable reach. They aim to help more people by creating a decentralized, fully-automated and transparent, charity-oriented token.

Triskelion Finance also offers an interesting array of features, including an automatic donation to Triskelion charity and outreach programs; rug-proof, liquidity pools that are locked; deflationary model, constant automatic burning of tokens; active community with existing outreach programs in the last 50 years; automatic rewards to token holders for just holding. The developer team will also buy their tokens like everyone else.

The creators designed this protocol in such a way as to apply a 2.5% fee on every transaction (buy or sell). The platform automatically performs four fundamental functions during each transaction: add to liquidity, auto reward holders, perpetually burn tokens for sustainability, and donate a tiny portion towards charity.

According to the team, out of the 2.5% transaction fee, the platform will automatically distribute 1% to holders as passive rewards. That encourages long-term holders to hang on to their tokens and earn more. In addition, it’s also attractive for swing trading since the transaction fee is only 2.5%. Thus, more transactions mean more rewards.

Moreover, the platform automatically adds the other 1% of the 2.5% transaction fee to the liquidity pool, eliminating the need for LP providers. On the other hand, the automatic liquidity pool will continuously create a solid price floor for the protocol. That will theoretically prevent huge price fluctuations.

The team reserved 0.449% of the 2.5% transaction fee for charity. It will disclose all transactions from the charity wallet to the community for transparency, along with photos and videos as proof of the charitable acts.




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