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SANGO and ELO tokens are hot. What do they offer?

SANGO tokens appeared on the markets several months ago, but it has already attracted investors’ attention. The team behind the token has great goals, and its project serves an interesting purpose. Sango is actually a trade language. It belongs to the Niger-Congo family’s Adamawa-Eastern branch. In western Africa, people widely use this language. You will also hear it in the southern part of the Central African Republic, as well as the northern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

However, in central Africa, one region wasn’t included in the previous industrial revolutions. This territory is still behind with technological development, but the SANGO team aims to change that. The company claims that thanks to its project, the Sub-Saharan region of Africa will make great progress by 2030.

While this region has a big potential, it needs funds to realize it. But obtaining those funds isn’t easy for local people. However, Sango will ensure that both individuals and companies have more leeway to achieve their goals and bring this country into the new technological era. The company plans to obtain the necessary funding needed for the region’s full development. But it also wants to do that in a transparent and secure way. Thankfully, blockchain offers both. That’s why the team decided to base its project on it.

There is another reason why the blockchain is preferable, though. Cryptocurrencies are already quite popular worldwide, with more and more people using them. And Africa isn’t an exception. Some people prefer using cryptos instead of fiat money on the continent. That’s partly due to the lack of banking and financial systems access. Cryptos are more easily transferable cross-border.

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