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sBanc and FMC’s ICOs start soon. You don’t want to miss them

sBanc and FMC’s ICOs start soon. You don’t want to miss them


Bancc is a promising decentralized financial platform. It is bridging the gap between existing technologies with blockchain possibilities. The company is solving everyday problems for everyone in the world. This platform offers Lightning fast transactions, low fees, and a decentralized network. Thanks to Bancc, payment processing and exchanges (Debit Cards, Bank Accounts), money remittance services (Money Transfers), selling and reselling items on marketplaces (E-commerce) will become much easier and more affordable.

The team plans to launch Bancc’s native utility token on April 28, 2022. The sale will end on May 1, 2022. 28,000,000 sBanc tokens will be available during the ICO sale for the price of $0.016000. That is 1% of the total supply. The company aims to raise $448,000 with the initial coin offering. It will accept BUSD in exchange.

Bancc aims to change the way we interact and transfer money with each other daily. This industry is currently in the process of a big paradigm shift. Besides, there is always new competition in both traditional and cryptocurrency markets. Defi users are demanding better, faster, and more secure solutions and services.  

That’s why Bancc decided to provide and establish connections between people, merchants, and companies that want to provide a securer, faster, and decentralized solution for payment processing for their customers. Nowadays, solutions bring a lot of attention to the fees or cost of being able to send, pay or even receive money from anyone worldwide.

Unfortunately, these types of solutions only benefit the institutions, payment processors with their processing fees, creator/provider of these services, and money transfer operators with the costs of sending and receiving money.


What solutions is Bancc offering? 

The company has designed and created the Bancc blockchain. The latter’s purpose is to decrease the cost of doing business with these types of providers and even offer a solution to be able to get free transactions in the network.

Furthermore, the team has built a payment processing system built for the customers. Imagine a world where you can use money as you want, how you want and whenever you want with instant transaction times and low fees. The Bancc team aims to make that possible.

The team members founded Bancc on the belief that it is our human right to have control of our assets and use them however and wherever we’d like. This company believes that decentralization, honesty, validation, and transparency are the key to successfully providing and offering solutions. And those solutions are beneficial not only to the creators but also to the everyday people. Institutions, countries, and even companies are developing their own digital currencies or assets or at least contemplating it. So, Bancc has an opportunity to obtain lots of clients.

The team believes that in order to accelerate the world’s transition to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, they should significantly simplify solutions. The latter should also be faster, cost-effective, and beneficial to attract more users.

The company thinks that by accelerating the transition to adopting blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, it can help people globally to gain control of their assets, give them the ability to access and spend their funds anytime, anywhere and however they’d like; make it easier to implement and provide solutions that are easier for the users to use, as well as cost-effective; provide solutions that are more beneficial for the customers and possibilities to have a positive impact on people’s everyday lives.


How will Bancc achieve these goals? 

To address the challenges mentioned above, the company will offer solutions and products for six different sectors. These are Payment solutions, Trading services; Payment networks; Financial services; Sale services of virtual and physical products; and Digital ownership of virtual and physical assets.

The team plans to offer a portfolio of different products and services that benefit the customers through providing payment solutions and networks. It will also provide trading and financial services for building internal and external customer relationships. That will help with the adoption and real-world usability of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. These services will actually benefit people in real-world situations. As a result, users will be able to provide digital ownership items and sell them online or offline, as well as receive payment through a decentralized payment network.

The team has developed a six-sector strategy. Thanks to this network, people and businesses can offer better solutions both internally and externally to their clients all over the world.

Here are the main products and services that Bancc aims to offer to its users. These are Payment solutions – BanccPay, Debit & Credit cards & point-of-sale solutions, Bank accounts, payment gateways & transfer of funds globally; E-commerce & Marketplace solutions – Marketplace for physical and virtual products; Trading & Financial services – Centralised Exchange (CEX), Decentralized Exchange (DEX); and Digital ownership – Decentralized solutions for providing ownership of digital/physical products.

Bancc blockchain is the company’s core blockchain solution. It is also the backbone of all of the company’s products. Bancc Coin is also very important. Bancc’s native cryptocurrency will power all of its products. Its holders will also get some benefits from the platform.


The FidoMeta’s token is smoking hot. When will its ICO sale start?  

FidoMeta is a financial institution which already attracted investors’ attention. Its token is listed on 5,023 watchlists. Built on FIDO Metaverse, this platform focuses on creating businesses in the world of Virtual Reality. The team designed and developed all products and projects to serve the real-world community through the advancement of technology and digital presence.

Moreover, Fido Central bank is an apex body that controls, regulates, operates, and directs the entire banking and monetary structure in its Metaverse. Fido Central Bank also makes regulations for the operation of other Defi projects that want to run their banks in the FIDO Metaverse. However, all the other banks on the land of FIDO Metaverse will have to work under the regulations and instructions developed by the FIDO Central Bank.

The company plans to launch its token on April 28, 2022. The ICO sale will end on April 29, 2022. 125,000,000 FMC will be available for purchase. During the initial coin offering, the token’s price will be $0.004000.


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