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Sylvester Stallone Involves In NFT World

Sylvester Stallone is taking his film career to new levels, and legendary Floyd Mayweather is back, too: What major news should we expect in the NFT industry?

Famous Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone has officially launched the Planet SLY NFT series. According to the report, the series consists of 9,997 pieces of generative digital art, celebrating Stallone’s life and film career with several NFTs, including with the actor, which will be your exclusive and unique level of interaction, perks like dinners, virtual screenings, exclusive events, and more.

They will mint these NFTs on Ethereum and will likely launch next month.

Like much of the market, Ethereum (ETH) has been trending higher recently. As evidenced by Sylvester Stallone’s new project, it remains the “blockchain of choice” for many projects in the NFT space.

Meanwhile, legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather has earned more than $1 billion in his career. That didn’t stop Mayweather from a “slow rug” on his first NFT project. Also, the star’s name has been in the EthereumMax class-action lawsuit. This list is far from exhaustive, as the boxer has previously settled with the SEC and dealt with other controversial matters in the crypto space.

According to the “mint fresh” footage from the weekend, $APE tokens were airdropped to original APE-NFT holders. However, people who right-clicked on the saved APE image and used it as their profile picture received no awards.

Users should understand the difference between owning an NFT and saving an NFT by right-clicking.




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