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The BCW token got a high ranking. Is it worth buying? 

The BCW token got a high ranking. Is it worth buying? 

BitCastleWar is an exciting game with impressive features. Built on the Binance Smart Chain platform, this MMORPG NFT game is set in the medieval era. According to the plot, there are three races: Magician, Warrior, and Archer. And people worship four elemental dragons: Gregen Dragon (Nature), Modemona Dragon (Ice), Medieval Dragon (Fire), and Angva Dragon (Storm). All of them are important to balance the BitCastleWar world. 

However, this balance crashes when the dark mage Khozor of the dark guild Ilumia performs a ghostly ritual with his accomplices. He sacrifices 100 living creatures to corrupt Medieval Dragon, which is the most powerful of the four elemental dragons. Moreover, Khozor opened the gate for monsters from hell to attack the BitCastleWar’s world. But the King of BitCastleWar realized that the danger was coming. Thus, he urged heroes from different tribes to free the will of the Medieval Dragon to enable him to defeat the Ilumia and the monsters from hell.

By joining the world of BitCastleWar, players will be transformed into various interesting heroes to build kingdoms, go on adventures (PVE), practice different techniques, participate in PVP battles and big tournaments for guilds. In the process, they will earn BCW Tokens, which are the platform’s native utility coins. With BCS, players can obtain new heroes and buy and sell NFTs on the market. They can even trade on DEX and CEX exchanges.

BCW tokens are very popular. They are already on 3,467 watchlists and have a high ranking on various ICO platforms. The company launched the ICO sale on April 22, 2022. 50,000 BCW tokens will be available for purchase. The token price is $0.030000 now, but it will increase over time. 


AizaWorld also offers its smoking hot token

Aiza World is a Metaverse game series, as well as a platform for value exchange. In its game, NFTs play a key role in unlocking the new era. Aiza World is operating under a decentralized mechanism. The company aims to open financial and non-financial opportunities for investors, players, crypto-lovers, lenders, borrowers, or anyone who believes in the revolution of the Metaverse.

Moreover, Aiza World’s mission is to empower the crypto-world with true values. Users will be able to collect characters, items, and lands using NFTs through the Marketplace. And they will profit in the process while also enjoying the game. 

The team is launching its native utility token AIZA on April 26, 2022. The sale will end on May 26, 2022. At this stage, the company is trading 1,000,000 AIZA tokens for the price of $0.060000 per coin. That is 0.16% of the total supply. The fundraising goal is $60,000, and the platform will accept BTC, ETH, USDT, and BNB. 

Aiza World supports the values of the community. It harnesses the preference of each individual with aligned entities. Business owners, KOLs, or all communities will be able to partake in its Marketplace to spread out their impact through their own NFTs. Through AIZA governance token, players will have the opportunity to both play and earn money by selling their NFTs. They can also build their own army and conquer challenges in PVE games. 


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