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The Sugar Kingdom’s ICO will start soon. What about ITHEUM?

The Sugar Kingdom’s ICO will start soon. What about ITHEUM?

The Sugar Kingdom is an interesting Metaverse that focuses on casual games. It emphasizes the player experience, offering high customization, generation of a status system, and several games that coexist within the platform. The platform has its own native utility token, CANDY, which is very trendy. Token holders can use it to buy and customize NFTs and LANDs, enjoy the Defi features within the platform, and participate in tournaments and challenges.

The Sugar Kingdom is very exciting. It includes a complete range of casual games with universally validated mechanics. Furthermore, this game offers players the opportunity to stand out from the other users and become a Duke, a Prince, or a King. Gamers will also be able to participate in community events, earn money and have fun simultaneously. They will play in the LANDs of their favorite content creators and celebrities.

According to the team, the total fixed supply of CANDY tokens is 100,000,000. The company determined the vesting and release times in its Token Metrics, blocking the liquidity for five years to provide greater security to its users.

Apes International Group Corp. is behind this platform. It has brought together some of the most prominent professionals in the GameFi industry to create the Sugar Kingdom. Currently, the team boasts more than 20 direct collaborators and 50 partners. Meanwhile, the game is shaping up to be a paradigm shift in the casual and hyper-casual gaming industry.

What does the Sugar Kingdom offer?

This platform takes a different stance, putting the player at the center of the scene. Users will be able to have a useful token for access to multiple games. And as an added benefit, there will also be a high degree of customization and various possibilities for each player.

Besides, the company will give the players a chance to become the owner of the land. That will allow users to have noble titles, which in themselves represent a right to the profits of the kingdom. Holding a title also makes a huge difference regarding gameplay. This network also provides a space for celebrities, gamers, and the entire world to enjoy harmless, engaging games.

The company plans to launch CANDY token’s ICO sale on March 28, 2022. It will end on March 31, 2022. 1,187,500 CANDY will be available for purchase. The token price will be $0.160000 during the initial coin offering.

What is Itheum, and how can Defi users benefit from this platform? 

Itheum is an exciting Defi project. It aims to change the current toxic model for personal data collection and exchange and level the playing field. The company aims to create a system in which both the commercial enterprise and the Data Creator will equally benefit from the trade of personal data.

The team created the ITHEUM token specifically for its platform. They will launch the ICO sale on March 28, 2022, trading 50,000,000 ITHEUM tokens. The price will be $0.040000 at the first stage, but it will increase over time. The company aims to raise $2,000,000 with the sale.

This platform will empower data ownership in the metaverse and bring new market value to users’ data. It plans to enable this by providing decentralized data brokerage technology. The latter is a suite of tools that allows users to bridge high-value data from web2 to web3 and then trade it via peer-to-peer sales.

Furthermore, the company will allow viral adoption via its creative NFMe ID (Non-Fungible Me ID) and Data NFT technology, and its innovative Data Coalition DAOs. Itheum wants to be a fully privacy-preserving, cross-chain, and regulation-friendly platform. All of these will make it the most comprehensive core blockchain data infrastructure available in the Defi market, with use-cases in both the enterprise and consumer space.

The company will provide three fundamental products that will flip the dynamic of personal data collection and exchange. These three Core Products will work in unison. They will enable the platform to generate new data and collect it from the web2 world. After that, this data will flow seamlessly into the web3 domain. The Data Creators (users who initially generated the data) can claim this data and trade it by using Itheum’s innovative peer-to-peer data trading technology later.

How will Itheum reach its highest potential?

The team believes that Itheum will be able to reach its highest potential. However, for this to happen, the platform needs to have mass adoption (more users = more data = more data trade). The team aims to achieve this via its final core product called the Data Metaverse. The latter will provide users with a viral and low barrier to entry consumer products that will appeal to the masses and, in turn, fuel mass adoption.

Moreover, Data Collection & Analytics Toolkit will contain structured and rich personal data collection and analytics tools. Any users will be able to use Itheum’s Data CAT to build apps and programs seamlessly. Those apps can collect structured and rich personal data from other users and provide visual trends and patterns on the collected data. With this product, the company will provide real-world value and adoption. In return, it will generate highly structured and outcome-oriented personal datasets.

The team also works on Decentralized Data Exchange (Data DEX). It will be a suite of web3 tools for the seamless trade of personal data. Such a product will enable customers (the Data Creator) to own and trade the personal data collected by the organizations that built apps on the platform’s Data CAT product. It will also unlock the personal data from these organization silos. Thus, it will let users trade their data on the open market with organizations and agencies.

What about the Data Metaverse?

Data Metaverse is the third core product. The team noted that the concepts behind data trading and blockchain-backed data technology could be overwhelming for most people to grasp. That’s why many of the current web3 data platforms have very low adoption and hype. Itheum can change the dynamic of data ownership, but to do that, it needs large-scale bottom-up adoption. This kind of adoption can only come if the company builds consumer products that everyone wants to use.




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