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The Wall Street Journal: Musk confirms he won’t take a board seat at Twitter but suggests he will engage with the company ‘without limitation’

Elon Musk confirmed he wouldn’t be joining Twitter Inc.’s board of directors but said he might engage with the social-media company on a range of issues “without limitation.”

Musk might discuss with Twitter’s

board or parts of its management team the company’s product and services, potential mergers and governance issues, he said an amended regulatory filing Monday. The Tesla Inc. chief executive can express his views about Twitter on social media or speak directly with executives and board members, the filing states.

Musk last week disclosed a roughly 9% stake in Twitter, making him the company’s largest shareholder. His filing said he owns the stake for investment purposes and that he might acquire more shares or sell his current holdings in the company.

The electric-vehicle chief’s decision not to join Twitter’s board marked a reversal that cast new uncertainty over his relationship with the social-media platform. He spent much of the weekend tweeting criticisms, suggestions and apparent jokes about the company, many of which he has since deleted.

See: That Twitter town hall with Elon Musk? It’s off.

Monday’s filing states Musk doesn’t currently have any plans or intentions to change his holdings in the company, but it notes that he “reserves the right to change his plans at any time, as he deems appropriate, and in light of his ongoing evaluation of numerous factors.”

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