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Time Raiders is launching a hot XPND token. What about PGK?

Time Raiders is launching a hot XPND token. What about PGK? 

Time Raiders is a fast-paced shoot and loot NFT game. The loot that users collect through gameplay has actual real-world value. Thus, players can buy, sell, or trade them and use them in the game itself. The platform has its own native token, XPND, which is trending. That’s primarily due to the game’s popularity. The team plans to launch the token’s ICO sale on March 17, 2022. It will end on March 18, 2022, though. 9,090,909 XPND will be available for purchase for the price of $0.022000. The company aims to raise $200,000 with the sale.

Players travel through time in the Time Raiders game. They fight enemies and take their resources back to their own time. They can craft looted items into new ones and sell them to fund their activities. Players can also use these things to power up their character and items. When not in combat, users spend their time in the Interdimensional Hub, home of other time raiders, scientists, armorers, and the ever-present black market.

Everything in the game is an NFT. Thus, customers can buy, trade, sell, or stake them for Xpendium ($XPND) tokens. Time Raiders can join the ranks of play-to-earn NFT games such as Zed Run and Axie Infinity. This game captures the attention of crypto gamers who want not just fun but for profit. The team designed the game in such a way to surpass current gameplay quality and game narrative in the space.

An exciting plot and action make this game attractive

According to the plot, the present year is 2247. With the increase of humanity’s technological prowess, its appetites increased as well, and consumption far outstripped what the Earth could supply. Consequently, resources became scarce, and competition for them intensified. Soon corporate moves became corporate raids, and national maneuvering turned to war. Advancing a person’s career left actual bodies trampled underfoot. Furthermore, the class difference became a class divide. The wealthy built gleaming technological towers filled with tech, luxury, and medicine, all of them barely comprehensible to the teeming masses left fighting for the scraps.

However, it soon became apparent that the end of humanity would come soon, and not even the wealthy would be able to avoid it. No technological breakthrough was imminent, and people wouldn’t achieve consensus to settle the conflict. No social solution would be able to put an end to the divisions of the remnants of humanity. Thankfully, people discovered a mysterious substance. The latter seemingly appeared from nowhere and spread among the have and the have-nots without regard for status. And now this mystifying new material called Flux is available to all. It allowed people and objects to move through time.

Sudden access to resources from the past offered society new hope. Thus, a new profession rose – Time Raider. Those brave, reckless, and desperate enough to take the risk could move across time to make their fortunes or meet their fate at the hands of their ancestors.

The team decided to release Time Raiders on PC initially. However, it will also launch the game on Console & Mobile.

How are Time Raiders connected to WWII?  

According to the company, Time Raiders is not a strictly WWII-themed game. However, the teams planned the initial set of missions to take place there. Even though the war ended decades ago, this theme is still very popular. As a result, games using this setting are quite prolific. The setting continues to attract both players and studios. In addition, it will be familiar to everyone.

Still, Time Raiders is a shoot-and-loot game at its core. Users will face off against waves of various enemies. They will also get loot drops from slain enemies and later return to the marketplace to sell their items. They will also be able to upgrade their weapons and characters and add power to their Time Flux to access new levels.

The company pointed out that all transactions on the platform will be in the native token Xpendium ($XPND). The game’s initial setting is an alternate World War II Europe timeline. Nazis will be the main antagonists there. However, the nature of the game lore allows the team to create virtually unlimited new settings. After all, Time Flux enables characters to travel to any point in history and any point on Earth. In addition to settings such as Prehistoric Earth, Ancient Greece, Imperial Rome, Medieval Europe, or Samurai-era Japan, the setting in 2247 will allow travel to points that are in the gamer’s futures but still in the game’s past.

Users will start the game with a generic character that they can upgrade and customize in various ways. They will also collect a series of Companions with different character classes. The latter allows them to use various types of weapons and class-specific items and abilities. Currently, there are seven classes available outside of the main player character.

What about Penguin Karts and its token PGK?

Penguin Karts is another very popular game. However, its players participate in battle racing, where drivers race against each other and compete for prizes and in-game swag. This platform will feature a secondary marketplace where gamers will be able to buy and sell items they earn in-game. Moreover, Penguin Karts will deploy on the Fantom ecosystem. This ecosystem offers the most robust set of play-to-earn tools available for games.

PGK is the platform’s native utility token. Its holders can use PGK to unlock the in-game marketplace and buy and sell items. The NFTs have an added layer of utility for staking. Thus, if users bet on the Penguin Kart 2D NFT, they will earn 3D NFT rewards claimable on the Fantom chain.

The team created 200,000,000 PGK at TGE. 3,021,200 PGK will be available as the initial circulating supply. The team will release 5% of the total locked ecosystem supply monthly to the protocol treasury. The users can earn these tokens as P2E rewards. The company will start the initial coin offering sale on March 19, 2022. It will end on March 22, 2022. 4,750,000 PGK will be available for purchase at this first stage for the price of $0.040000.




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