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Web3 Bets Ecosystem offers HOT tokens. When will ICO start? 

Web3 Bets Ecosystem offers HOT tokens. When will ICO start? 


Web3 Bets Ecosystem is a decentralized, p2p betting ecosystem. It enables players to bet against each other instead of against a bookmaker or a betting exchange. The company built this platform completely on the blockchain and powered it with smart contracts. Web3 Bets plans to launch its hot native utility token in April 2022. The price of 1 BXB will be 0.004 USD at the first stage, but it will increase after the initial coin offering ends. The total supply of tokens is only 1,000,000. The platform will accept BNB, USDT, and BUSD in exchange for its coins.

Web3 Bets Ecosystem offers bet players lots of advantages, including anonymity, security, privacy, trust, and censorship resistance. Many of these are not obtainable in the traditional betting channels such as betting exchanges and bookmakers. There are two kinds of betting games in the existing ecosystem, fixed-odds games, and pari bet games. In the latter, players bet on different possible outcomes. That means the platform collects all bets on the same possible outcome together to form a pool. And the winning pool takes all values staked on the event. Meanwhile, in fixed-odds games, participants offer odds through lay betting for other players to wager against.

The team created BXB as the native utility token of its ecosystem, and it quickly became popular. Token holders can pay with this token the vigorish deducted from winning bets in the ecosystem; They can also earn airdrop rewards from the vigorish deducted from winning bets. Furthermore, owning a BXB token enables players to participate in some governance votes, such as the development of new game products, adjustment of vigorish for winning games, the addition of new game markets in existing products, and creation of new roadmaps.


Web3 Bets Ecosystem offers exciting features. What are those? 

Web3 Bets Ecosystem can allow players to bet on any kind of event. However, the platform focuses on sports events, along with price predictions of crypto assets. Traditional channels, such as betting exchanges, bookmakers, and prediction platforms, have some problems which are concerning to players. Fortunately, integrating with blockchain provides great solutions to these problems.

The Web3 Bets team decided to take advantage of blockchain technology and offer its customers excellent service. On this platform, players can bet anonymously. That isn’t possible in the traditional channels, but with on-chain betting, users enjoy the same kind of anonymity that comes with bitcoin transactions.

Moreover, traditional channels typically collect players’ private information. And afterward, they use this information for many things at their own discretion. In contrast, players’ private information remains undisclosed on decentralized networks. Besides, data stored on centralized channels are vulnerable to attacks, hacks, or manipulation. On the other hand, the content of the block remains tamper-proof once a block is successfully added to a blockchain network.

Traditional channels have the authority to restrict, suspend or completely delete players’ accounts. Usually, they claim to have reasons for these actions. However, arbitrage betting is one example of such reasons. In such cases, they tamper with players’ accounts when the player wins bets consistently or when it is not profitable to them.


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