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What is Incognito NFT?

In the last two years, it is almost impossible not to notice how much the interest in NFT has generally increased. Many are asking today: What is Incognito NFT, and why is it so popular?

Is it really possible to make huge profits with Non-Fungible coins, and if so, how? There are many interesting facts about this unique token. In this text, we will explain what Incognito NFT is, what it is used for and why it is of great importance.

So let’s give you one comprehensive and understandable definition and explanation of what Incognito NFT is that will be of extreme importance to you, shall we?

Incognito NFT – Its definition and explanation

Incognito NFT, or ICON, represents an Incognito project created by NFT collectors, professionals, and artists. Their goal behind this Incognito project was to create something authentic and valuable to the NFT community.

 The famous Incognito – Collection consists of 10,000 randomly generated and unique characters living as ERC-721 tokens on the well-known Ethereum blockchain. The ownership of Incognito NFT also includes full creative and community events, future mobile apps, etc.

How the idea for Incognito NFT came about – A brief history

The idea of creating Incognito NFT came about when the creator was asked if he knew about NFTs art. Even though he’s been a part of the crypto world for some time before that, he hasn’t heard or even dealt with NFTs before.

Since he’s been an art fanatic, familiar with the crypto universe, from that moment on, he started learning a lot about NFTs. Back then, he didn’t understand the actual value of owning a piece of digital art. After a few days, he became a part of the team responsible for one NFT collection. The team earned over $4 million in trade volume during the first month.

Witnessing that fantastic thing, he came up with the idea to create something even more significant, a world-class NFT collection with the highest artistic standards in the digital world. He wanted it to be backed by a solid foundation, a professional team, and the goal of connecting both physical and digital art. He contacted a 3D Artist, Leonardo Fonseca, who is now their Art Director and Head Artist.

The name “Incognito” was inspired by their mannequin-type faces that aren’t representing any specific individual. Therefore, the whole team decided to be “faceless”, going completely Incognito, and the rest became history!

What is the vision of the Incognito NFT project?

When it comes to the vision of the Incognito NFT project, we’ve got some crucial things to point out. First of all, thousands of collectors hold and appreciate talent, art, and passion behind incognitos and households with professional prints on some of their walls representing their own NFT.

Also, a lot of collectors are using physical and Metaverse merchandise. The real vision is that Incognito NFT will be a true example for future collections where the foundations of a project and the art itself will be valued, not just the hype behind it.

They are hoping that. Alongside numerous other groundbreaking projects, Incognito NFTs will become a status symbol in the virtual world.

Who are the owners of the project?

One of the most common questions in the NFT world regarding the Incognito NFT project is who stands behind it and the individuals who form their community’s backbone. As the name of this project implies, the short answer is that they are all incognito. Even they don’t have a clue of who exactly comprises their community.

That’s true because they are using their social media platforms to express their authenticity, solid and unique personalities and stories through their Incognito NFT project and artwork they buy. The ICON community isn’t about anything fake stories, posts, likes on Instagram, etc.

What does the Incognito – collection consist of?

It’s essential to understand that the Incognito – collection consists of 10,000 unique “incognitos” randomly combined from thousands of different possibilities. NFTs are living as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum blockchain represents an open-source, decentralized blockchain that has smart contract functionality. Meanwhile, Ether is known to be the platform’s native cryptocurrency for those who aren’t familiar with it.

To bring back to the subject, each of these 10,000 NFTs will be available for purchase. They will expand the excellent opportunity to join their community. The main goal when founders were creating their initial prototypes was to elevate the design of their NFTs for the Incognito – Collection.

They wanted their NFTs to have a meaningful design. This is why they wanted to create valuable NFTs with artistic quality and value. To pursue that goal, they’ve made something incredible that is destined to be successful and well-remembered. The Incognito NFT team is enthusiastic to see them on collectors’ walls and Twitter profiles.

3D-NFT Art – What is it exactly?

The team behind the Incognito NFT project spent more than three months of preparations which included planning, prototyping, designing, rendering, and then brainstorming, which led to the Incognito – collection NFT artwork as we all know it today. They had the goal to create perfection, wishing for something unique and well-executed.

Their artwork means a lot to them and their security, ERC-721 contract, and any other crucial part of the Incognito NFT Project. They are very meticulous through each step of the designing process.

2D-NFTs were the most typical norm in the NFT space. Not many collections nor artists leveraged the now-famous 3D-NFT space, especially when it’s a collection of a size such as theirs. Therefore, the creators of Incognito NFT were keen to explore all the possibilities of 3D space.

What is also essential to note is that every Non-Fungible Token of theirs includes downloadable content that’s possible to access through their website. Collectors will have access to rendering, 3D files for 3D printing, premade animations, and a full 6k resolution image of their Incognito.

Rewards – A significant feature of the Incognito collection

What is also interesting to note is that the Incognito collection also has a unique feature. It’s the rewards that they are giving to their fellow incognitos. These awards range from hoodies to art pieces worth $80 thousand and more. They include such as drawings, sculptures, paintings, and much more.

The idea for these rewards is to provide something unique for their community and help them understand how valuable they are to them and their movement. The team picked these rewards to bring elements of the physical and digital art world together.

So, basically, the team accomplishes this through numerous different raffles, scavenger hunts, giveaways, events, and fantastic digital and physical art. At the moment, the team is offering three rewards:

CryptoPunk 9709
5 x LEGO Sculptures By Nathan Sawaya
Alec Monopoly Painting

Besides these top three rewards, there are also other Incognito Collection rewards such as:

100 White hats and 100 with the black Incognito logo
100 Black hats with the white Incognito logo
Incognito Hoodies – unique hoodies that will be released through the NFTs
Custom ICON Chain and Pendant – Full Gold and Diamond ICON Chain & Pendant
Metal Prints – 35 Professional Metal Prints 24″ x 24″
Master Collector 10 ETH Rewards of the total of eight different bases

Meet the Incognito NFT Technology

So far, it is clear that Incognito represents a Non-Fungible Token collection that’s been issued on the Ethereum blockchain network. There is ERC721 Standard, and Metamask & Wallet connect protocol support. Besides that, there are:

Provenance Hash – Each Incognito image includes content hashed using the SHA-256 algorithm. Each Incognito token ID is assigned from the initial sequence to an artwork image with this particular formula: :(token + starting index) % 10000 → Initial Sequence Index.
IPFS for metadata storage – IPFS refers to the Interplanetary File System, a decentralized File Storage solution. Remember that when the file is stored in the IPFS, it’s not possible to be changed, destroyed, or altered by anyone at all.
The Incognito Website is built using the latest web3 technologies – It runs on Netflix – CDN with DDoS attack protection. Besides that, the frontend framework is Vue.js, which is fast, resilient and light, and there are Web3.js + Truffle.js.

The opportunity for the NFT community

Since the NFT community has been investing millions of dollars into NFT projects that are without a real foundation or a professional and experienced team to guide them, or the art is lacking real value, these situations are most common:

Within a couple of weeks, the collection dies.
Some individuals make quick money, taking advantage of the community hype instead of creating real and valuable NFT projects long-term.
The majority of NFT Collections lack artistic quality and value.

For these particular reasons, there is a fantastic opportunity in the NFT community to create something unique that never happened in the past. It means that the whole point of view on collections can be changed.

By creating a collection and a focused and professional team that will value real artistic work, they hope that their brand, the Incognito NFT, will become the light example in NFT history.




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