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Why Physical Security in Banking Is Taking Centre Stage

Security and risk have always existed, especially in the banking sector. However, due to the advent of sophisticated technology, the intensity and quantity of these threats have increased significantly.

Nowadays, you need to take all the security measures possible to avoid any substantial losses or sizable breaches. If you do happen to suffer a security threat, then your customers may lose faith in your ability to protect their finances and take their business elsewhere.

In this blog, we will be exploring some of the top trends for physical security in the banking industry and why they are gaining relevance.

Robotic Guard Devices

All businesses are in need of security guards; however, it can be both labor-intensive and expensive to hire physical humans on a 24-hour basis. Thankfully, technology has evolved to a point in which many of these jobs can be conducted just as effectively and efficiently by robots.

You may not want to remove the presence of physical security guards entirely, but you should consider reinforcing your existing security practices with artificial intelligence. Adopting a hybrid approach can help reduce costs as well as the potential for any security threats or hazards.

Large-Scale Video Analytics

In the banking industry, hundreds, if not thousands, of customers are entering facilities on a daily basis. Having to employ staff in order to track the influx of customers and identify any potential security breaches can be incredibly time-consuming. However, established institutions are incredibly turning towards large-scale video analytics to solve this issue.

You can use 24-hour surveillance to your advantage, and you don’t even have to be physically present in order to do so. Many security systems are now offering remote video surveillance on cloud-based platforms with a sophisticated ability to analyze the footage.

Like a bank, you also have a responsibility to turn over any existing video footage to the authorities in the event of a crime. If you are unable to do so, you may be liable for the consequences.

Occupancy Tracking

When you track physical occupancy in both banking facilities and offices, you can utilize data to your advantage. Whether you are looking to enhance your business operations, reduce waiting times, or optimize staff scheduling, occupancy tracking helps facilitate these goals.

Since the pandemic, businesses have been looking at ways that they can increase their efficiency and improve their business practices. Occupancy tracking helps companies manage essential metrics and allows them to make notable changes in the areas that matter. Not only will you notice drastic cost savings, but you’ll also find that employees and customers are more satisfied with your ability to provide a service.

Companies, both large and small, can experience hundreds of cyber-attacks a day. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of the potential threats your business may encounter. In our day and age, it’s all about being proactive, not reactive. Hopefully, these emerging trends have inspired you to ramp up your security practices and start taking action.




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